Parks & Recreation: “They Call It A Swanson”

Again, the season finale bug hits! So sweet! So bittersweet!

Parks & Recreation wrapped up its second season by addressing the alarming news that the Pawnee government would be shut down. There were tears. There were smiles. There was perseverance in the face of difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see more perseverance until next January. In that spirit, I present a video of FEELINGS

As we often did during this season, let us check in on Jerry.

Jerry did not let the government stoppage stop him. He was the first to answer Leslie’s call to recreational action! However, Jerry may have further damaged his back after moving equipment for the Freddy Spaghetti concert. Oh Jerry, how you suffer for your loved ones!

In this week’s COOL GUY NEWS, Chris and Ben were various degrees of cool. Chris discussed his desire to run to the moon and go on dates with Ann. Ben wants to cut all the government, starting with Leslie’s job. Head Cool Guy Ron Swanson fights for Leslie’s right to work. He succeeds! Ben then does a pretty cool guy thing and let’s the Freddy Spaghetti concert go on.

The Freddy Spaghetti concert was a victory for Leslie. Good for you, Leslie! I believe she can fix the government. I Believe in Leslie Knope.

Leslie was given some encouragement from Mark Brandanawicz. This episode made me sad for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Mark is leaving! Because Ann was mean to him! Please don’t go, Mark! I enjoy your sporadic appearances and surly, good-natured remarks.

Godspeed Mark.

Speaking of Ann, for shame. FOR SHAME, ANN! The second sad thing that saddened me was Ann’s kissing Andy. I guess that Andy is to blame as well. FOR SHAME, ANDY. You guys broke April’s heart! She has a precious heart. That was very mean of you guys!

(Sidebar: what is it with NBC Thursday comedies and stories about romances between people of different ages? I am looking at you Parks & Recreation and Community.)

When April and Andy finally kissed, I was this excited

But then there was heart-break! I wanted to do this to Ann/ Andy!

To end on bittersweetity, Tom has a new girlfriend! However, Ron Swanson/ Duke Silver has seduced Tom’s ex-wife. Such is life! Find out what happens in . . . January? Oh, fuck you so much NBC.

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One thought on “Parks & Recreation: “They Call It A Swanson”

  1. Those two new guys are hot!!! Love them!

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