Beyoncé’s LEMONADE: A Review


Beyoncé shocked the world as only she could with the release of her latest album, LEMONADE, this past Saturday night. The album is dense, emotional, daring, strong, and alluring. IIn the past few days of non-stop listening, I have developed some considered and nuanced opinions on the album. Below is a track-by-track review of Beyoncé’s latest masterpiece

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JANUARY 10th, 2015: 10 – 1


This is the end . . . of the year that is!

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Soils rich in music!

To open the latest Death Cab for Cutie album, Ben Gibbard sings, “I don’t know where to begin. There’s too many things I can’t remember.” He’s singing about the dissolution of personal relationships and wondering where things went south. There’s too many wrong turns to keep track.

I’ve been organizing the music in a given year through running playlists that I update every few days. This is not a perfect exercise, but it is a good way to remind myself of the year in pop music. Sometimes I will bury myself in an album or only listen to the theme song from the Stephen Hawking movie, but I will always come back to the playlist to keep track of the year. I don’t want to lose track of things. Here, I am going to take a final look at some of my favorite albums to reassure myself I remember.

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2014 Will Love You ‘Til The Record Stops: 30 -21


Time is just, like, arbitrary man. Some months have thirty-one days and some don’t. What is that? Plus leap years and leap days and holy cow! What’s even going on with time? At the very least, we all buy into this concept and view our lives accordingly. Since we are all on this  one system, for the most part, one result is a joint recognition that something is starting or something is ending.

And so, this year ends.

And with the year ending, we look back on twelve months for their weight and worth. There was news and celebration and despair and entertainment and death and laughter and et cetera, et cetera.

Partly, we have rebelled against this yearly notion. There was much hemming and hawing over the song of the summer for example (it was “Fancy” obviously) because the song underwhelmed their sensibilities. Some things aren’t for you, but there are always other things for you.

Some music was disappointing, some was enlightening, some was thrilling, some was soothing, some was painful, some was difficult, some was beautiful, some was ugly and etcetera, et cetera. No list is definitive. Our memories suffer from time passing, hype passing, lives changing, contexts shifting, and ignorance of everything going on in music. I mean, D’Angelo has a new album out. We drop balls and celebrate and assume that propels us to a new year. Things sort of just start and end. It is not good, it is not bad. It is how it is! TO THE LIST

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