Walt. The Dharma food drops. Mr. Eko. Nikki & Paolo. Michael. What the Alternaverse was. What Jack’s son is. What happens to Pierre Chang. Why the Alternisland sank. What happened after the second plane retook off. Why Jack and Edward could hurt each other. Edward Man In Black Flocke’s real name. The numbers.

Those are some things we do not know now, more or less. I think that is fine.


1). One of the storylines ended in a big party scene. Hmmmm… is there another program that ends with a big party scene every week?

2). At one point or another, everyone in the show gets a shot of ISLAND WISDOM.

On the one hand, I loved that the characters got glances at the most meaningful moments of their lives. On the other hand, I am upset that the Lost people managed to turn the finale into partly a clip show. Way to go, Lost. Pulling the 2.5 hour con.

3). It has taken me six seasons to realize, but Sawyer makes this face a bunch.

This guy always gets found out when he is scheming. So much so that he has an expression for it.

4). Rose and Bernard are immune to the time shifting sickness. So is Vincent, or at least he is only affected when the shift occurs in dog years.

They also pulled Desmond out of the well. Good deed, guys!

5). Despite his apparent omnipotence, the Man in Locke cannot identify the sound of Miles on a walkie talkie.

6). Richard Alpert is alive.

His hair has also lost its ability to retain pigment. As soon as he gets off the Island, he is going to get some Just for Men and get back out into the dating scene.

7). Juliet is David’s mother.

I thought I was going to be shocked by the reveal. I guess not. It doesn’t seem like that big a deal. I mean, I guess they couldn’t use her because V needed her to fight aliens or have a flash forward or something.

8). Sun and Jin learn languages quickly and intuitively.


This guy!

Nothing can defeat Lapidus!

10). Boone! Shannon! Both around. Both feeling the memories!

Especially Shannon RE: Sayid.

Whoa! Is it hot in here or is it just this spiritually ambiguous reunion?!

11). Claire is much shorter than I imagined.

12). Apparently, Charlotte and Faraday aren’t ready to get the light kicked out of them by love.

One day hopefully! There was a moment they shared, though. I think Charlotte liked his hat. Hopefully, they can get to know each other, enjoy each other’s company, take things nice & slow,  and eventually join Ben in the church for the second seating.

13). Jack was wrong. The Man in Locke was wrong. Desmond was wrong.

Hey guys, at some point in life, everyone makes mistakes. At some point, we are all wrong. Maybe if you all were just a little more flexible on what can and cannot happen you wouldn’t get your worlds rocked so frequently.

14). Getting stuck under heavy objects is becoming a problem on this Island.

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

Stay away from heavy things!

15). This forever and ever and ever.

I may be biased (as the Charlie/ Claire story was one of my favorite stories) but I thought this sequence was wonderful. One of the things that upset me most about Charlie’s death and Claire’s insanity was how it seemed to take away the possibility of a proper ending for them. However, they had a good ending moment! Hooray for surprises. Hooray for Charlie and Claire and Aaron!

I did this dance during their scenes

16). The editors really know how to cut to a commercial right in the middle of a totally awesome Shephard Punch.

Jack’s flying punch at the Man in Locke really got me pumped up for that commercial break! I thought he was going to knock Locke’s head off!

17). Someone must have been paying attention to the world because Kate totally turned herself around this episode.

She still did some Kate things, like trying to steal Aaron and flirting with Sawyer. BUT! she also did some cool things like shooting the bad guy, making a wise crack about it, and finally chosoing Jack over Sawyer. This was a good week for Kate. Good job, Kate!

18). “Walkabout” shout out!

Always good to shout out great eps.

19). Charlie/ Claire was my favorite pairing but this finale even made me excited about Kate and Jack smooching.

It is almost like the cover of an awesome romance novel.

20). I am getting mushy, but Sawyer+ Juliet+ “You got it, blondie.” = I WANT TO MARRY THEM.


21). Hurley is the Island’s protector.

He might not feel this way, but I give that development a solid

22). Apparently, you can just take off in a crash landed plane if you duct tape some pieces of the landing gear together.

The whole season I thought that there was no way that plane would fly. I thought its flight was a red herring. Totally wrong! You win this round, Lost.

23). Responsible parenting gets one in the win column this week.

It was nice to have Jack reason to Desmond by appealing to his sense of fatherhood responsibility. Stay alive for the kids.

24). Ben is the new Richard Alpert.

Good for Ben! I guess he’s immortal then.

25). Ben is not ready to join the others in the Church of Symbolism.

Because he’s immortal, duh.

26). Maybe you could call the final scenes my ditch because I dug them!

Really, I enjoyed them very much!



BONUS: Tere$a’s thoughts of the week:


“Does Desmond wax his chest?”

“I want them to involve Walt so badly.” (sorry!)


“Woke up this morning, realized they avoided answering anything relevant. Long con.”

Very true. I think the episode proved that Lost could be more than just a sum of answers. It is tough to fault people for being upset that mysteries weren’t answered since that was an essential part of the show. There is an honesty in that frustration.

What separates Lost from the many imitators that followed it is the solid character-driven composition of the show. Things that followed Lost focused on mystery before substance. It was tough to care about Flash Forward when its driving force was answering the questions regarding the flash. While the mystery may have initially pulled a large amount of the audience in, people stuck with Lost because of the strong emotional connections with the characters (especially Boone). It was a rare show where fans had both favorite characters and heroic characters they despised (not Boone, ever).

Thanks for the memories Lost. Thanks for the images Lost Media! I leave you with a simple song.

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5 thoughts on “LOST: WHAT WE KNOW NOW!16

  1. jvmn says:

    it’s wierd for the show to be over. can a java get a refill?

    • jsiegel3 says:

      I think in two years, the Hurley/ Ben miniseries will come out so everyone learns just what a swell right-hand man Ben was.

  2. jvmn says:

    Do you really think there will be any sort of spin-off, with or without known characters?

    The ending credits suggest the Island goes on

    • jsiegel3 says:

      If they do, it won’t be for a while. They will also probably not explicitly advertise it as a tie-in, as a way to add to the intrigue.

  3. cwod says:

    I would have cried, if I still could.

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