Team Neutral Five

Team Neutral Five, as  a collective, had humble beginnings. During summers and weekends, a group of children, eventually teenagers, found simple pleasures in a game of elevated hide-and-seek. The game called “Manhunt” differed from hide-and-seek by expanding the playing field and making “tagging” more difficult. A player “hunting” another had to hug the hunted and cry “Manhunt, manhunt, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, no breakaways, no breakaways” in order to make a sanctioned capture.

One day, a group of rebels disenchanted by Manhunt decided to focus their efforts on becoming agents of disorder. When teams were picked, some individuals would swear their allegiances to “Team Neutral Five.” Doing this made them part of a rogue group of mischievous youth who did nothing to aid and worked only to confuse. When asked where the other team went, a member of TN5 would only answer “That way.” while extending both arms in opposite directions and shaking their heads.

* * *

Years later, on a snowy evening, a group of young people with a taste for general knowledge and cheap margaritas adopted this name in a weekly trivia competition. Each week, they added addenda to their name (ie, Team Neutral Five: Redux: Threedux: The Mighty Ducks) in order to achieve a team cohesion.

Occasionally ruthless and rule-bending, Team Neutral 5ive often found themselves at the head of the trivia pack, only to be undone at the last minute by a ridiculous question or another team’s lack of scruples. While use of unfair advantage was not unknown to TN5, their collective conscience eventually got the best of them. While they won t-shirts and gift certificates, grand prizes escaped them.


2 thoughts on “Team Neutral Five

  1. Al says:

    Who are you? You’re funny. Why don’t you take credit for this stuff anywhere, that I can find, on this website? I watched the first season of pretty little liars but enjoyed reading your recaps so much more. I laughed out loud through all of your comments. Thanks.

    • jsiegel3 says:

      My name is John. Thank you!

      There isn’t any explicit reason there is no credit to be found. I guess I did not take it into account when I was setting up the widgets and sidebars.

      Thank you for reading! I am glad you enjoy. Hopefully, season 1.5 of Pretty Little Liars will be back soon and I can comment on it.

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