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The Hook Took 2013 Far From Its Family But Closer To God: Top 10 – 1 Albums of 2013


“How much time is John spending on the intro?” NOT MUCH! Here you are, the top ten of 2013 Continue reading

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Favorite Albums of 2009 Anno Domini II: 10-1

Part 2! Whoo! Part Twoooooooooo’s coming up, so you better get this party started! There’s been some fall-out from the first ten albums that I would like to address. Apparently, the last set was “tearing [BROOKE!] apart.” That is not a good outcome. I do not mean to tear people (especially BROOKE!) apart. Instead, I offer this list as a set of recommendations and a way to foster discussion about the musical year 2009. However, I do see the frustration since I flaked and decided not to make the hard decisions and do a top ten list. ¬†What comes next, though, IS a top ten list! Hooray!

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