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The Hook Took 2013 Far From Its Family But Closer To God: Top 10 – 1 Albums of 2013


“How much time is John spending on the intro?” NOT MUCH! Here you are, the top ten of 2013 Continue reading

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It’s 2010 and the Party Is, Friend: Favorite Albums 10-1!

Home stretch you guys! You want the truth? THIS. IS. SPARTA. I’m just a Julia Roberts standing in front of a Hugh Grant, etc. etc. These are some fine musical albums, let me tell you! So many questions, right? So many cliffhangers! What are the final ten albums? How much of an urge did I have to put Taylor Swift’s “Innocent” at every spot just for a joke? Could a Swedish singer beat a Chicago rapper or some Welsh-educated, British-born pop darlings? Who are the Oceanic Six? HERE IS WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN WE TALK ABOUT TOP TEN ALBUMS NOW!

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