Beyoncé’s LEMONADE: A Review


Beyoncé shocked the world as only she could with the release of her latest album, LEMONADE, this past Saturday night. The album is dense, emotional, daring, strong, and alluring. IIn the past few days of non-stop listening, I have developed some considered and nuanced opinions on the album. Below is a track-by-track review of Beyoncé’s latest masterpiece

1. PRAY YOU CATCH ME – This song is very good.

2. HOLD UP – This is another great song. I would say this is a single.

3. DON’T HURT YOURSELF – Another strong track. Jack White shows up.

4. SORRY – With each track, I think, “Damn, this is good.” This track is no exception.

5. 6 INCH – I thought the Weeknd might doom this track, but he doesn’t. Another hit.

6. DADDY LESSONS – This is a country song and much better than Sturgill Simpson.

7. LOVE DROUGHT – I’ve heard of “Love Lockdown” but “LOVE DROUGHT”? Still good.

8. SANDCASTLES – This is a slower track, but the down-tempo nature doesn’t affect quality (AKA it is still good).

9. FORWARD – James Blake is on this track. Not sure if he adds or subtracts anything but it does not matter since it is a good track.

10. FREEDOM – This song has a very good beat from Just Blaze and very good singing from Bey. Noted good artist Kendrick Lamar guests.

11. ALL NIGHT – Some cool guitar made even cooler by Beyoncé through the rest of the song.

12. FORMATION – She played this at the Super Bowl. It was very good, just like this album.


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