Gossip Girl: This Was Actually Sort Of Fun!

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Well, is not that something? A fun episode of Gossip Girl! Chuck wasn’t even involved that much! I did not know I could be so entertained by Dan and Blair joshin’ around the office. Color me impressed, Gossip Girl! Color me not very impressed for the rest of the episode though. Too much parent stuff! Too much business stuff. Next time, counter Dan and Blair’s madcap internship with Chuck and Nate becoming Russian spies for the episode (Spoiler warning: that episode would be great).

Dan and Blair are doing that thing they do now, walking down the street, discussing culture, on the first day of their internships. Blair will be interning at W Magazine and Dan will be interning at Conde Nast publishing (which publishes W. HMMMMMM?). Soon, Dan and Blair find out they will be interning together. Ahhhhh, crisis! Competition! Working in close quarters! Dan and Blair are definitely going to do “it” during February sweeps.

Eric has been spending a lot of time with Damien Dalgaard since Eric wants drugs and Damien sells drugs. Later, after being told to stay away from the Van Der Wood Sens, Damien wants to hang out with Eric for real, not drug dealing reasons. Kid needs to get his ears checked!

Chuck is fucking Raina, the daughter of the guy who owns Bass industries now. This is a conflict or something? And Nate’s dad is conflicted? As is Nate? This plot wasn’t very good. Boring story short, Nate’s dad does not want to hang out with Nate anymore. Chuck continues to sex with Raina (I am aware I wrote “sex with”).

Lily continues to be a great person. She sends ex-con Ben a bunch of money. Ben sends it back and Lily opens his angry note in front of Serena and Rufus. Lots of laughs to that. Everyone is angry at Lily. Serena finds Ben. They hang. Later, Ben gives an encouraging speech to Eric. Serena totally wants him definitely now. Rufus offers Ben a room in Brooklyn. That is going to be super awkward for Dan when Ben and Serena start doing “it” (which they definitely will).

ANYWAY, even though Dan does not have a fashion background, he excels at his internship. Blair is also putting in a lot of effort, but it is directed at the other interns (all of whom, save one, go to Ivy League schools that are not Columbia. That is a commute for an internship. A very long commute. Hopefully, they get a travel stipend [THOSE THINGS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. You would think they would be, but sometimes places say stuff like ‘Really, you should be paying me for giving you this opportunity.’]). So, she pours Chanel No. 5 into a drink presented by another intern. She tries to trick Dan about shoes. Maybe if Blair spent some time on hard work, she would beat Dan on her own merits.

W Magazine will be launching a blog soon. Maybe Dan could write something for it? It will cover everything! Literature, fashion, art, culture, pogs, music, real estate, food, and weird old tips to cut down on three pounds of belly fat per week. To launch the blog, W will be having a party (THANK GOOD) where Lynn Hirschberg will be addressing the partygoers. CRISIS ON INFINITE GOSSIP GIRLS THOUGH, her plane is delayed! W is scrambling for another author to talk at the blog party. Dan figures he can definitely shine since he knows Jeremiah Harris (a fake author played by the real Jay McInerney). Blair knows lots of people, so she tries to get Lorrie Moore (More like Lorrie MAKES MY HEART SOAR). I am onboard with a  Lorrie Moore cameo. Make it happen!

Blair and Dan agree not to sabotage each other, but Dan figures Blair will go back on her word so he calls Lorrie Moore and tells she is not needed at the party (which would be a heck of a trip from Wisconsin. Hopefully, she was not on her flight yet). Way to be a dick, Dan. Blair does not sabotage because Blair is a classy person.

Jeremiah Harris arrives at the party. Lorrie Moore does not. I guess Dan wins. That is, until Blair realizes what went on. Cue the argument. Cue the physical altercation. Cue them rolling around and getting fired. Cue them doing it on the floor? Probably not for a few weeks.

Dan and Blair, cleaning out their desks, have a discussion where Blair reveals she has worked very hard for this internship and Dan just got it through Lily being Lily. Dan feels bad. After Blair leaves, he calls the magazine and takes blame for everything. Blair gets her position back. And perhaps a higher estimation of Dan. . . ?

NEXT WEEK: 43 minutes of Blair and Dan hate-doing-it.

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