The Siege Is Watching. . . ENTOURAGE: TRES

Uh oh, another Entourage recap without a Pretty Little Liars one? I be bestin’ you, cuz! Just playin’!

Lots happening with the boys this week! E and Sloane enjoy a nice dinner. Eventually, E’s buddies call him out for being a pussy but Sloane lets him go play with the boys. What a woman! Hot and sees that a dude’s bond with his friends is more important than any love shared between a soon to be husband and wife! We should all be so luckE. B-)

Drama and Lloyd and E try to get Drama a job. Things look pretty up when Drama gets a classic sitcom script from a writer who used to work on Designing Women. Who will Drama be starring with? This guy

Uncle Jesse! Johnny Drama! Making 2.5 Men look like shit!

Turtle has to make some tough business decisions. He wants his employees to work for half and no lunch. He also has to wash his own cars. You see what ObamaCare has done to this country? Just playin’, y’all. I support our president and realize that the complex workings of a national economy cannot be attributed to a single person, and that the machinations of a desperate economy may have been in place far longer than any of us can tell upon cursory glance.

Turtle eventually finds some luck. The tasty employee he had to fire asks him to go to Mexico with her for a business opportunity instead of filing suit against him for sexual harassment. It’s like this show knows what guys see in ideal women.

Vince is still hanging out with Scott Lavin. That dude rubs me the way that is not good. He rubs me the wrong way. Now, I’m all for go-getting business types (I consider myself one) but he just seems too driven by greed and blood lust.

Scott Lavin brings Vince to an auction that eventually turns into a game of truth-or-dare. First, Vince and Scott meet All-Day Adrian Peterson. AP is the running back for the NFC runner-up Minnesota Vikings. He is a good player! Not as good as Chris Johnson. . . Just playin’ AP. I’ll draft ya! Scott Lavin makes a joke about Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis appearing on national television. Here’s a SFW version of the pic

Vince buys AP’s dinosaur skull. E and Scott Lavin eventually break it while Vince is in the bathroom with two naked girls. That’s something my aunt calls a good problem.

Ari continues his long-standing quest that we heard about for the first time last week to bring the city of LA an NFL franchise. In his efforts, he upsets Taylor Townsend Lizzie Grant who leaves his agency. Problem solved? Maybe? I dunno how agencies work but they seem complicated. Ari’s co-head-agent, Barbara Miller is upset by this. Hey, as long as the Jaguars come to the 213, who cares?

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Sorry that my cuz’s Pretty Little Liar‘s recap is delayed. He’s suffering techno difficulties!

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