The Siege Is Watching. . . ENTOURAGE: DEUCE

Another week, another ep of Entourage! Let’s do it, y’all!

First off, let’s check in with everybody’s favorite boy, Turtle. Turt’s been having a couple of rough weeks business-wise. First, he was sexually interested in an employee. I hear that’s a tough line to walk/ cross. This week, Turtle finds that his company card was charged for $10,000 at Tiffany & Co. That reminds me of a song.

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Just playin’! But seriously, Turtle needs to find out what went down. He blames the employee he used to be interested in. The employee says Turtle told him to use the card to buy Mama Turtle something nice. Turtle says he didn’t really want to buy something nice. In fact, he just wanted to impress his lady employee. Classic move! You go, Turtle! He is still confused as to why the charge on the card was for $10,000. Turns out, American Master Discovery Card accidentally put another zero on his bill. Problem solved without any sexual harassment lawsuits!

Johnny Drama finds it tough to get work. He assembles a crack team of E and Lloyd (more like butt crack. I’m just playin’! Lloyd is free to do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t hit on me!) to read some scripts for him. They come to the conclusion that Drama needs something written for him.

E has to deal with Vince’s nervous breakdown. First, Vince shaves his head. Then, Vince is surly during an interview with Maria Menounous. During all this, Vince lies about telling director Nick Casavetes (of The Notebook) about his haircut. As a final hurrah of this great episode, Vince goes skydiving with one of E’s coworkers. Pull your parachute, Vince! The show can’t go on without you!

Speaking of E’s job, I get really confused about what he does. Ari’s an agent and E’s a manager, I think. This show is very complex and I don’t pick up on the subtleties of how Hollywood works. I am learning, though!

Ari tries to get the TV rights for the NFL. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, meets with Ari and Lizzie Grant for a successful meeting. Jerry Jones has some bad news for Ari. The NFL does its TV rights internally. You’d think that with a multi-billion dollar agency that Ari runs, he’d have someone research that about the NFL. Again, some parts of Hollywood go over my head. It’s cool, y’all, I’m learning.

Jerry Jones does have another proposition for Ari; he wants Ari to run Los Angeles’s new football team, the LA Gold!

Ari’s wife gets mad at him for hugging Lizzie Grant after the news. It’s cool, Mrs. Ari, he didn’t want to tap it!

Next week: Hopefully, Vince pulled the chute!

Peace and love, peeps

-Bentley Siege

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