Pretty Little Liars . . . I Know What You Did Last UGHmer?

This show. This show, this show, this show. So, we were treated to a dramatic ending last week. The girls found evidence that “A” broke into Spencer’s house and left a threatening lipstick message on a mirror. So, I think at the very least, the girls decide to tell people what’s going on? Maybe alert Detective Sweet Balls or Dr. Cool Accent or Mr. Fitz or something? Obviously, they wouldn’t just hang out in the house that was broken into, right?

Oh, they did just hang around? Okay. It actually makes sense since if someone who may wish death on you was breaking into your house, the best course of action is definitely waiting around in the house and falling asleep. Very logical course of action.

So, the girls do more investigating of Spencer’s house and find that A was videotaping them from a closet the night before. This must be the straw that breaks their unneccessary silence’s back. No? Ok. Go about your lives. Pretend you were not almost murdered.

It’s like Dawson’s Creek‘s Kevin Williamson is writing this show, but he hands it off to a twelve-year old to iron out the details, continuity, and parts that make it appealing to people of age twenty-three.

To recap:

  • Someone breaks into Spencer’s house and threatens the girls.
  • This anonymous threatener never leaves the house and videotapes  the girls.
  • The girls do nothing and continue to lead their lives.

That’s most of the central driving plot stuff. Now, for the real drama!

Hanna starts liking Sean much more after she sees him with another girl. She likes him enough to join him at both Homecoming and his Real Love Waits meeting. From the look in Hanna’s eyes, they might have to rename the club Real Love DryHumps In An Overpriced Limousine. I think that slogan can fit on the buttons.

In sort of more interesting things, Hanna discovers that Blind Jenna has been going into an odd room around the corner from the dentist’s office where Hanna works. Things seem really fishy to Hanna until she ultimately finds out that it’s a therapist’s office that has yet to have the waiting room furnished. In the process, we discover that Hanna is really smooth about following blind people. Serious, top-notch, not-at-all-offensive-to-the-blind-community espionage by Hanna.

Spencer’s anxiety over her plagiarized paper grows as she is singled out for a prestigious history writing award. She also gets upset at her dad for asking her to help him lose a tennis match to some business clients in order to win their patronage. Her dad does not understand life! I’m sorry, Spencer, but after you plagiarizing, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle a liar when the pot is actually a total fucking awful person liar?

A new boy at the tennis club catches Spencer’s eye. Your move, Dr. Cool Accent.

Aria deals with the same things. “Oh, my parents are drifting! I’m hot for teacher!” Her mother discovers that Chad Lowe had an affair through a letter from A that also reveals that Aria knew about the whole thing. So, her mom makes this face

I hope Aria’s parents listen to that Blink-182 song.

Mr. Fitz makes this face the whole episode.

until his friend says “Guy, stop wanting to have relations with a high school student.” But if loving a child is wrong, Mr. Fitz doesn’t want to be right! Until he finds that Aria’s unknown harasser knows about their relationship. Then, he is done-zo.

Toby and Emily continue to have CHEMISTRY in CHEMISTRY CLASS. They boy like Circa Survive! Awww. They make each other CD’s. There is tension with her friends since they believe Toby wants to murder them all. Hanna finds the pictures of Maya and Emily making out, so she assumes Emily’s “special person” is Maya and she is cool with that. This show drops and picks up relationships at an advanced pace.


Next Week: Homecoming! Party! Murder?

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars . . . I Know What You Did Last UGHmer?

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  2. Valerie says:

    I have to say, Pretty Little Liars is one of my guilty pleasures, but you’re right — a lot of it doesn’t make sense… especially the girls staying in the house when the killer is in their closet. I’m surprised no one called the police before over any of this stalking, since there have been a few really creepy moments lately.

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