The Siege Is Watching . . . ENTOURAGE

The Siege Is Watching is a part of this website, for better or worse, that deals with music, usually. However, the author of this series of posts has asked that he be able to cover his favorite television show, Entourage, during its seventh season so . . . whatever. Here is The Siege Is Watching.

Ladies and gentlemen! Prepare yourselves! For the seventh season of the best television show on HBO, Entourage. It seems like just yesterday Vince was shooting Hollywood smashes like Aquaman and Gatsby. Each season, Vince, E, Ari, Turtle, and Drama (gotta love Drama!) find themselves in some trouble. Like a miracle, they manage to get out of it using their wits and talents. This show is the American dream made television!

What’s up with our crew this year? For starters, Turtle’s putting his degree to mad use. He started a limousine company where foxy ladies drive the cars. Business be booming! Unfortunately, Turtle has one smoking driver who doesn’t seem to be getting it done. Sal (Turtle’s real name, for the newer viewers) has a soft spot for this particular chauffox so he can’t fire her. Things get sort of weird though when Turtle tries to kiss this fox after misreading a situation. Total dude occurrence. Another show might turn this misunderstanding into a lawsuit or something serious, but a show as good as Entourage knows that it doesn’t have to pull that stuff to stay golden.

Drama’s having a tough week. After standing up for his boy Turtle last season, he’s been blacklisted by the networks. He tries to get a show started with Minka Kelly (I love how this show uses the names of real actors and actresses so you know how famous people are supposed to be) but the networks decide to go with Dean Cain (I love how this show uses the names of real actors and actresses so you know how famous people are supposed to be). Drama has eight weeks to find a job or he figures he will be homeless. I mean, I can’t see that, Drama, but I don’t have your killer instinct. One day, in my personal businesses, I hope to! Put in that work, Drama!

E’s gotta worry about his impending marriage to Sloane,  the old ball and chain! Just playing, guys, marriage is a cool thing to do when you are ready for the commitment. I wish Sloan and E luck!

E’s also working on managing which is totally different than being an agent like Ari and Lloyd.

Ari is having some trouble running the industry’s biggest agency. He needs to make that bank. You’re preaching to the choir, Ari! I mean, like you are talking to people like me who get what you are saying. Sorry, I forgot that people of different religions may not get the preaching to the choir reference.

To make matters worse, director Nick Cassavetes of the Cassavetes family and movies like Alpha Dog and The Notebook (What up, ladies! This show has something for you, too!). Nick doesn’t care about the study or insurance or safety and wants Vince to do a dangerous stunt. Ari and E need to get Vince out of it.

How’d Vince get into it, you may be asking? Well. he did not want to seem like a not-team player or a pussy. Dudes know that sometimes you say yes to things, whether it be helping people move or a maybe unwelcome sexual encounter (What up, Samantha Gillespie!) because you need to be a man. Vince, the essence of man, gets this which is why he says yes to doing the stunt but tries to get out of it. This is modern man’s dilemma.

Eventually, Vince does the stunt. It goes wrong and he ends up in a big explosion. Luckily, he is fine and walks away fine. He does seem kind of shaken and dead inside after the crash, but I can’t tell if that’s something I saw or if that’s how he always looks.

So, things were tough but now they’re looking good for our boys! In two weeks, Turtle gets his identity stolen, Drama keeps pushing, E does some stuff, and Vince goes to the Ferrari press junket. Fun stuff!

Here’s a preview for all y’all if y’all still need convincing on this awesome show!

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One thought on “The Siege Is Watching . . . ENTOURAGE

  1. jvmn says:

    I was expecting much bigger things for this premiere! Turtle epic fail and Vince does a stunt, but both without consequence…Drama & E all quiet on the western front. What happened to stepping it up each season?

    And as far as the best show on HBO…Bored to Death hands down

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