The Siege is Watching #3: Summer Jams

The Siege is Watching is a part of this blog that happens occasionally when the cousin of the writer of this blog has something to say about music and its present trends. Originally envisioned as a monthly list of musical releases, a realization and slight, habitual misuse of cough syrup have led to more sporadic appearances. Today, Bentley Siege discusses the possible summer jams for 2010.

Happy summer, y’all! Sorry I’ve been away. I’ve been meeting with some potential promoting mentors. It’s been a really uplifting experience as well as also reaffirming my decision to enter into the fast-paced and synergetic  world of party/club promotion. I guess I’ve been thinking more about venues than the music that is played within those great spaces!

Anyway, I realized that the old format was flawed fundamentally and basically. People don’t go down to the local Sam Goody to pick up their new favorite releases anymore. Now, everyone pre-orders things on iTunes (America’s #1 music store!) and waits for those convenient mp3’s to show up. Technology changed everything!

Alright, here’s what we got. Since Memorial Day happened and Sam Adams Summer Ale was released in Long Beach, it is officially SUMMER TIME. So, what tunes will you be jamming to? Maybe some tunes that came out around April? Maybe some songs that haven’t come out yet! Have no fear surfer dudes (just playin’ but surfing is cool if you’re serious about it)! Here are some potential summer jamz!

Let’s kick things off with a mash-up of some already known summer jams from this year and maybe some of last year depending on how strong the pulse of the community is in your music arms.

I love that it incorporates the freshness that is that Jason DeRulo song about totally normal fantasies that are totally normal. “In my head. . .” Can’t stop jammin’ to that one!

Let’s go over some candidates that have already thrown their hats into the summer jam ring.

B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars “Nothin’ on You”

This epitomizes the chill essence of summer. I mean, if you move to fast, you may get heat stroke, so keep it chill, keep it freshness. I also like the message of this jam. Sometimes, I don’t think the fellas get their music justice. Here, though, Bruno Mars lays it out and is like “Look, you should realize how great I am and how great it is that I am only pursuing you.” Messages of love and equality up in here.

Bruno is also featured in another potential chill summer jam.

Travie McCoy used to be in Gym Class Heroes. He also used to go by Travis. It’s cool to have nicknames, though.

Man, Bruno Mars is so chill. He’s like Jason Mraz meets Jimmy Buffet, but cool because he is current. I like the Sublime tip on this jam. Speaking of which, Sublime is trying to reunite, no jokes y’all.

B.o.B. also has that introspective jam with Hayley from Paramore. Man, she’s had a tough couple of weeks. She dates a guy from New Found Glory, though, so that’s cool!

3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha “My First Kiss”

My personal faves together for one bumpin’ bumper! Ke$ha is blowing up on featured tracks this summer. We’ll get to that in a second. Man, the boys from 3Oh!3 be KILLIN’ it on this.  Errrbody in the club throw up the sign!

In regards to Ke$ha, here’s another jam she did with Taio Cruz of that one song with Ludacris.

Whoa that is one hot summer jam for potential hot summer romances.

If I can get historical for a second, it’s crazy how far Ke$ha has come. I remember when she did those vocals for my man Flo Rida’s “Right Round” but she didn’t want to be in the video because she thought it would be objectifying. Now, she’s comfortable enough to do some hot artsy stuff in this video, like yelling at me about dirty pictures in a weird bathroom. Sky’s the limit peeps!

Eminem “Not Afraid”

Uh oh, the year 2000 up in this jam! This is more of an aggressive song, like if your boy just got disrespected and you need to pump up before a brawl or just as a way to release some steam.

It’s crazy that Em doesn’t have blond hairs anymore!

DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, & Ludacris “All I Do Is Win”

Uh oh, looks like I found my softball team’s anthem! EVERYBODY HANDS GO UP


Honorable Winter Jam That Has a Remix That I Will Be Jammin’

I’m feeling the darkness and the intensity.

Back to the jamz!

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg “California Girls”

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the Left Coast, but thanks to this song, I may take the trip! Who knew that Daisy Dukes came from California and not Hazard County!?  I wish they all could be California girls! Hah, just playing ladies. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. It just matters if you have a bangin’ attitude and a positive outlook!

Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull & The Situation

Uh oh, year 2000 making a repeat! Just playin’, Enrique! Iglesias catches up to the kids with a hot jam that will bounce everywhere from bars to parties to clubs to bars again.

Sleigh Bells “Kids”

Whoa, make sure to turn your speakers down because this jam jams loud! Sleigh Bells are MIA’s favorite. They could be the summer’s favorite, too!

Speaking of MIA

She’s getting loud, too! I don’t think she likes people with red hair.

So, that’s it for my summer jamz. What are some of your potential summer jamz? What acts should I be checkin’ out for both promotin’ and hangin’? Keep it summer, beach bums!

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4 thoughts on “The Siege is Watching #3: Summer Jams

  1. teresa says:

    john this is you, but i was actually thinking it was your cousin! i am gullible! don’t toy with me!

    that new dj earworm was the best! probably because the background and end was BABY! i love b.o.b! AND DJ KHALED THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT ONE BC I LOVE THAT SONG BUT NEVER KNEW WHAT WHO SANG IT OR WHAT IT WAS CALLED. that katy perry song is the same song as “tik tok”. enrique. m.i.a. scares me now forever. also… no gayngs on chill summer jams???

  2. teresa says:


  3. JVMN says:

    part of the eminem video was shot outside my office building

  4. cwod says:

    LOLZ@Lady Antebellum

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