Parks & Recreation: “Sorry, boo.”

The above quote, from the wonderful Jean-Ralphio, is both a summation of this week’s Parks & Recreation and an apology to you, the reader. I am sorry that I have neglected my recapitulations of such a wonderful show. In an effort to make amends, I have watched the “Producer’s Cut” of this week’s episode for this recapitulation. Lots more things happen that the network (NETWORST) did not want you to see. Ron gives April a gun for her birthday. Ann says that she broke up with Mark (She is as cold as ice). Mark gets really drunk. Ron discusses off-brand sandwich cookies.

New things also happen! Story lines progress! Jerry frets! Fret not, Jerry; this episode was really good!.

First! there is big news.

Oh, you do not need to introduce me to Rob Low, Parks & Rec. We are already acquainted. Brothers & Sisters, have ya seen it!?! Rob Lowe loves shows with ampersands. This is also Adam Scott’s first episode. You may know him Stepbrothers, Art School Confidential, or those MLB commercials on ESPN with Hanley Ramirez and Joe Mauer. Unfortunately, Adam Scott’s presence on this show means that his other show, Party Down, will be without its star. Sometimes, they are called feelings because actors get new roles.

Adam Scott’s Ben and Rob Lowe’s Chris are good additions, so far. I am interested to see what they do with them in the season finale and into next season. Rob Lowe is such a fitness nut!

Jerry spends most of the episode worrying about getting fired. This would be the worst thing as he is only two years away from his pension. Don’t worry, Jerry! No firings this week. Next week, maybe.

Jerry also may have made out with Ann.

After a season filled with heartbreak, Tom has some more heartbreak then some heart awww. During April’s birthday party, ¬†Tom strikes out with all the pretty ladies he invited to the party. Alas, he cannot spit game. When reconciling his bar tab, he meets the funny and bartendery Lucy. SPARKS. They decide to get married. Just kidding! I have a good feeling about them, though.

Mark and Ann break up. Specifically, Ann breaks up with Mark. Then she is all like “Whoa is me! I am Ann. This was my choice!” Damn, Ann. You cold. You damn cold. Well, that is until Rob Lowe warms her up if you know what I mean and I mean he kisses her and makes sure that she has a taxi cab to get her home safely. What a nice guy.

Ann also cockblocks Andy.

Mark does not handle things well. Apparently, since Ann never was very communicative, Mark thought everything was going great. Sorry Mark. As a viewer, I should have said something to you. I mean, I did have an ongoing watch for how long you and Ann had been dating without kissing. Spoiler Warning: It was not a good watch.

I know, for some people, Mark Brendanawicz = Kate Austen. I always liked him! I thought for a while that he and Leslie were supposed to be the new Jim and Pam. Then P&R blew my preconceived notions away. I wish Mark had more to do. Oh well. I am sad to see him go (Spoiler Warning: Paul Schneider is leaving the show). Godspeed, Mark!

For a while, I thought tonight would be the night. I thought Andy and April would definitely

Or at least be honest with their feelings. Life happens. Jean-Ralphio happens (he needs to be back forever). Ann getting drunk happens. Parks & Recreation: Where Heartbreak Happens.

There is one episode left in the season. Hopefully, it will be twenty-three minutes of April and Andy in slow-motion, running to each other on a beach during sunset, frolicking in the surf, enjoying each other, enjoying life.

There were lots of stories this week. The main one dealt with Pawnee’s recent financial struggles. Leslie spends lots of time on the department’s Master Plan for their budget. She is informed that Ben and Chris are throwing down the budget gauntlet. Read their lips, NO. . . NEW. . . PARKS. Actually, mostly just Ben’s lips. Chris just hangs out and is happy. Ben is serious. That is how you tell them apart. Leslie is crushed. Ron is elated. Their crushedness/ elation only grows when Chris informs them that the Pawnee government must be shut down. WHAT. Parks & Recreation: Where WHAT Happens.

ENDBAR: NBC has announced that Parks & Recreation will start during the midseason next year. After the release of Conan O’Brien and the cancellation of Law & Order: Original, this news confirms my fears that NBC is after me. Please send help.

NEXT WEEK: Season finale! Will Andy and April get together? Will Leslie save Pawnee? Will Ron carve something? How much Jean-Ralphio will there be (not enough)? How much does Ann need to stop talking (So much)?

Find out next week!

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