I was talking to my little sister about Lost (family bonding!) and she informed me that the producers of the show said that Allison Janney’s role  “was as close to writing a role for a particular person as [the writers had] ever done.” Really? I mean, Ms. Janney is a great actress and all, but nothing about her role screamed out ALLISON JANNEY to me. Maybe I would see more inherent Janney-ness if she were to address journalists at the White House, then dine with Mark Harmon, then help Ellen Page deliver her baby, and THEN murder Ellen Page and steal her baby.

Whatevers, she is a good person! CJ CREGG FOR LIFE. Also, an answer last night! Some Kate, too 😦 . HERE IS WHAT WE KNOW NOW!

1.  Jacob and Edward are brothers. Twin brothers.

2. Jacob whines and is sad, sometimes.

3. Edward and his second mom are the bodies in the cave.

4. Edward went to a PLACE WORSE THAN DEATH.

5. Everyone who has to say on the Island eventually just wants to die.

6. Games are fun!

7. Am I phoning this in because it is Wednesday or as a metaphor for my fears for Lost? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


– Huh?

– Why does Edward have two bodies?

– How many pats on the back did the producers of this show give themselves for answering one question?

– Why can Edward see dead people, Hurley-style?

BONUS: Teresa’s Thoughts of the Week (AKA THE BEST):

“That is a very painful but very clean birth. That is not how birth happens.”

“You’re…… evil. I don’t get her mothering. I didn’t realize God was so evil.”

“Watch it, Jacob is gonna make up his own rules and you’re gonna be the cork that keeps in all the evil and you’re gonna hate it so much.”

“Kate was more attractive in the past.”

“Did he awake from death like Sayid and Claire did? I’m very confused on who’s good and bad.”

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