I don’t know if I can believe that there are only three episodes of Lost left. Three! 3! That is not many episodes for a television show. That also means that things are probably going to speed up! Maybe I was just multi-tasking too hard but I lost track of time and thought the episode was over at 9:38PM. There were twenty episode minutes left! You’ve got this silly way of keeping me on the edge of my seat, Lost!

Lots of things happened tonight! We were betrayed. We were crushed. We were educated. HERE IS WHAT WE KNOW NOW.

1). AlternaLocke doesn’t want your dirty hippy socialist hand out surgeries, Doc!

2). “Welcome to Hydra Island, where all your dreams come true.”

Best reality show ever!

3). Someone (Smocke or Widmore) is lying and we are still not sure who it is.

I mean, for all the ANSWERS Lost has been dealing, they have to keep some things hidden. Obviously, our main characters are getting pulled in all sorts of DIRECTIONS. To whom should they listen? Edward Sm/Flocke? Charles Widmore? Vincent?

4). Do not hit on Bernard’s ladies. Just do not.

Tense moment there between Alternard and AlternaJack. I thought that Bernard was going to torture drill Jack. I do not have a good sense for how the Alternaverse works.

5). You would think that Charles Widmore would have a more developed plan for keeping the Smoke Monster away from his secret base camp but you would be wrong.

Also, you would think with the amount of nerds on Widmore’s team, he wouldn’t have all these problems that he has been having with power sources for his science devices.

6). Every time that Sawyer and Kate are around those cages they have to mention their sweaty times there.

Cut it out, you survivors! We get it. Sex!

7). AlternaJack is the most inappropriate doctor ever.

“Yeah, I am just going to investigate the files of some patient I sort of know. Then, I will visit is invalid father for kicks. Due to medicine.”

I feel bad that the actor who plays Locke’s father came back to do this

People have to pay the bills.

8). Fake Locke just straight conned us.

He did the old back pack explosive switch. Classic ruse! Sawyer is getting continually out-conned this season.

9). Speaking of getting straight conned, this show conned us out of something wonderful.

Lost has trained me to be constantly on edge for shocking moments. During this episode, they teased the most shocking and wonderful quick moment when Kate was shot before boarding the submarine.

This was me when that happened

My excitement was short-lived, as Kate survived the gunshot wound as well as the flooding of a submarine, ascent to the surface, and the shock of it all. Did you know Kate Austen is an anagram for red herring? Lost has so many easter eggs!

10). Speaking of emotion, this show hurt me bad.

Jin and Sun died together. Sayid sacrificed his zombie self to save everyone else. Lapidus got killed by a door?

The Jim and Sun moments were very powerful and heart-wrenching. However, Jin did realize he has a CHILD out in the world, right? That just seems like bad parenting. The Kwon child is better off with Sun’s mother.

Sayid’s death was sort of quick. I am also not sure if he is totally dead due to his zombism.

I think Lapidus deserved better than getting hit by a door. I hope he comes back.


11). Smocke wants everyone dead.

However, he can’t kill them directly. So, in this episode, he used the explosives from Widmore’s trap to set a trap for everyone else.

12). Jack is important.

We know that now since Sayid took it upon himself to tell Jack about Desmond. Looks like Jack and Locke are going to have a SHOWDOWN.

13). Most of the episode was this


-Why is Kate?

-What have Richard, Ben, and Miles been doing? Did they plant the explosives?

-How did Sayid know things? Is Sayid dead?

-Really, Lost writers, re: Lapidus? I hope Lapidus is not really dead.

-How long until Kate tries to get her hands on Jin and Sun’s baby?

-Why is Alternard so concerned about Rose’s flirting?

-Was there any significance to the long shot of Jack’s hand on the Alternavending Machine?

BONUS: Teresa’s Thoughts of the Week:


“Why isn’t she dead yet?”

DOUBLE BONUS: Javaman is unimpressed:

“This episode is really SUB (emphasis added) par.”

“The episode and pun are weak. Yawn.”

NEXT WEEK: Two men enter, one man leaves!
Special Note: Next week’s write up may be late as SLEIGH BELLS is happening. Life!

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2 thoughts on “LOST: WHAT WE KNOW NOW!13

  1. Trevor says:

    I was seriously not okay with killing Jin and Sun like that. I had to watch two episodes of Adventure Time immediately after just to get emotionally balanced.

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