Parks & Recreation: “Yes, I am a hunter. And it’s you season.”

You know, for my money, you don’t get more value than you do with Parks & Recreation. Pound for pound, this show packs more into its 22 minutes than most people can fit into their hypothetical Up in the Air-life-backpacks. Laughs? Has them. Compelling stories with interesting character dynamics? Oh, for sure. Romance? For you, darling, all the romance under the moon and the orange sun. Summer catalogs? Indubitably

The summer catalog of Recreation Classes is much like the September issue of Vogue. Everyone gets involved! In an effort to write the best catalog letter ever, Leslie assembles the living form P&R directors and Ron on a picnic. She hopes to draw from their years of experience Picnics are swell fun good times. I went on a picnic. . . once. . . but that was a long time ago. . .

Ron Fuckin’ Swanson acts pretty un-Ron Fuckin’ Swanson-like. He whines and fights with the former Parks fellows. To be fair, they are douchies. To be fair, Leslie was just trying to do something nice that would simultaneously stroke her ego! Sometimes, it’s called life because you don’t know how it will go.

April gets cathartic with photoshop.

She also gets swoony when Leslie is upset that she threw the smoked salmon on the roof.

Speaking of April, she and Andy develop their relationship by bounds this week. They almost go on a date (gleeeeeee!) but are thwarted by the evilest bouncer in Indiana.

Despite their drink failure, the help they give Leslie while setting up the picnic (and the fun they have with each other!) leads to the cover of the PAWNEE RECREATIONAL CATALOG!

Plus, sweater swap!

(Sidebar: Aubrey Plaza is going to be in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe. A trailer came out for it yesterday. It is incredible.)

Meanwhile, Ann and Mark continue to have their stable relationship spiral to a horrible wreck of an ending. Or at least that is what the foreshadowing leads us to believe. Tom tries to do his best Don Draper Creative Executive impression and get a swell picture for the catalog. Ann and Mark are his subjects.

Ann does not look happy in pictures with Mark. Maybe, it is because cameras steal people’s souls. It could also be there is some quality in their relationship, some spark, that is missing.

This photo knows what I am talking about.

If that man wasn’t dead during the kiss, he is dead now.

Eventually, Leslie and Ron recognize that they are united by breakfast food. The bitterness of other P&R directors will not befall them. HOWEVER, there are hints that Leslie and Ron might CAMPAIGN AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR OFFICE?!!? Stay tuned, viewers. . .

NEXT WEEK: Who knows? Not the internet. Tennis is back, though, so yay!

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2 thoughts on “Parks & Recreation: “Yes, I am a hunter. And it’s you season.”

  1. Javamanga says:

    Most off, awkward, estrogen-filled 30 Rock ever

  2. jsiegel3 says:

    The Floyd-alcoholic stuff was weird but maybe it was the most realest portrayal of alcoholism ever shown on an NBC Thursday night sitcom about a television show.

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