Parks & Recreation: Stop being so mean to Jerry, guys!

Last night, Parks & Recreation got pretty freaking close to a show-dream I have. That show-dream is to have an All-Jerry episode. The episode “Park Safety” is probably as close as we are going to get to that show-dream (unless, there are webisodes. Jerry would be great in some webisodes!).

Alas, Jerry’s episode did not mean good things for Jerry. Jerry had a tough week.

Jerry got mugged! Well, he lied about getting mugged. Because he was embarrassed! Everyone always makes fun of him. We know how THAT goes (it goes poorly, with a lot of heart hut).

I don’t get the Jerry hate. He adds great things to the Parks office. Like this!

Jim O’Heir gets to flex his comedy muscles (mostly the glutes) on a sad trombone act during a meeting. His pants get split! Oh no, Jerry! Later, we learn that Jerry does his job for love of the sweet, sweet benefits that he will receive when he retires. He does not do this job for the pants. Jerry’s not here to make pants.

Because of Jerry’s troubles, Leslie tries to beef up park security. Doing so means having to talk to the head of outdoor park security, shy Ronnie.

Head of security Park Ranger Carl has voice immodulation syndrome. He also possesses a chip on his shoulder since people think he can’t do a good job at his job. He and Jerry have so much in common! He tries to bring Leslie down when she drags his name through the sweet mud of Indiana.

Leslie, being a kind-hearted person, puts the kibosh on Carl’s whistle-blowing of Jerry’s fake mugging. She also gets the money and keeps Jerry’s spirits up, relatively. Unfortunately, Pawnee TV has her number now and not in the good having number sense.  Despite that, good Job, LK!

Sidebar: Andy Samberg is dating songwriter/singer Joanna Newsom. This song is probably about Andy Samberg then.

It is so beautiful!

Back on the show, the rest of the gang enters the RFS School of Self-Defense. Ann returns from her journey to find that her feelings for Andy have resurfaced, especially when he counts money and gets knocked unconscious. Well, she doesn’t say that, but the subtext says it for her. April is just not that into such a notion. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MARK BRENDANAWICZ? Only time will tell.

The moral of the story? Be nicer to Jerry, everybody! Also, don’t break Mark’s heart, Ann! You may get called a strumpet by someone if you do!

NEXT WEEK: The episode is about a calendar shoot and the past!

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2 thoughts on “Parks & Recreation: Stop being so mean to Jerry, guys!

  1. harold says:

    ” Jerry ” is a gorgeous Irish man . What agreat face !

  2. MacGuffin says:

    i wish they’d be nicer to Jerry. Jerry is actually funny, but I dont actually think them being mean to Jerry is whats funny. I wish they’d just let Jerry be Jerry.

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