Parks & Recreation: “There’s a lot of ‘can’ts’ in my life right now.”

Last week, everyone’s favorite examination of small town government had some touching moments between Leslie and Ron (that is all the recap from last week I will give, I am sorry). I wondered, “What crazy character pairings would we get this week?”  My wonder was answered by some fun team-ups we don’t get to see very often. In the lead tale, we saw Leslie and April relate on a level other than boss-surly intern/assistant. Mark also gave Ron a taste of some medicine (not Ron’s medicine). However, Mark was kind of mean! We will get to that. Maybe it was because his lady love needed to go away. As a good man once said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder; fondness makes the absence longer.” Take heed, Mark. Take heed.

The first fun, new interaction comes in the form of some LUSTY EYES Donna points at Tom. Officially, I would like to say I am pro this pairing. However, I do not think that a show has to live and die on the romantic pairings of its characters.  Granted, the Tom/Donny dynamic is mostly for laughs, but there is a thin line Parks & Recreation people. Though, in four seasons, I would love to see a Jerry/ April wedding episode.

Speaking of Jerry, how have his weeks been?

This week, Jerry uses some old school CSI techniques to get to the bottom of a pile of mystery. Leslie fakes an injury, and by using his keen sense of tongue, Jerry is able recognize that Leslie’s blood is not blood but catsup. Good work, Jer-dawg!

Speaking of Leslie, she works with Tom and Andy to capture a possum that troubles the town golf course. For his work, Andy becomes a hero!  April Ludgate, everyone’s favorite, is upset that such fame has gone to Andy’s head. It’s tough watching an upset April, because over the past weeks she has become a happier and brighter person. Her and Andy are the Pam and Jim of the 2010’s (Pam and Jim were the Buffy and Angel of the 2000’s [Buffy and Angel were the Rachel and Ross of the late 1990’s]). April and Leslie start to bond over these boy troubles. Well, Leslie wants to bond but April is just not that into the idea.

Later, Andy realizes his dicktitude and attempts to make it up to April. I think he does well! April and Andy are the Erin and Andy of the 8:30PM timeslot.

Speaking of other couples, Ann’s capacity for not having fun seems to be rubbing off on her beau.  Mark, in an effort to be good at his career, rebukes Ron for trying to skip the important coding steps of his woodshop additions. From my experience working in local government, it is mostly about getting perks from your friends and acquaintances. So, poor form, Mark!

Also, this is art imitating real life.

Nick Offerman is actually a woodsworkerman!  A woodsworkman! Check it out!

Eventually, Mark sees the error of his ways and helps Ron bring his workshop up to code. Ron Swanson, being Ron Fucking Swanson, builds Mark a canoe as both an act of gratitude and an act of GOTCHA!

NEXT WEEK: Park Safety! Hopefully, its an episode about JERRY!

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