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The Oscars happened last night. LET’S DISCUSS. This is TOO MUCH FILM IN YO’ FACE: 2 FILM 2 FURIOUS

A funny thing happened on the way to the Academy Awards yesterday, around my parts. Cablevision and ABC were feuding about money.  In an effort to put some pressure, ABC pulled itself from Cablevision. I made my way into Manhattan to watch the ceremonies. As I settle down in my friend Sean’s apartment, a message from Cablevision/ ABC rolls across the bottom of the screen saying they worked everything out. Funny the way things work. Speaking of the way things work, OSCARS!

I am generally happy with the Oscar winners. Maybe, I would be tooting a different tune on my toot horn if more blue caricatures had Academy gold, but they do not so let’s talk about how things ARE.

The wide availability of quick opinions about the Oscars due to Twitter may help some films. Maybe you didn’t see In the Loop or The Messengers (Like Robert Downey Jr. didn’t).  Perhaps your cousin in Des Moines is upset about these not winning Oscars.  He or she will let you know about it! And then you can check out some movies!  The wonders of technology! America!

Avatar won a bunch of technical awards.  Deservedly!

I forgot how good the score to Up was and I am glad those robots reminded me. On my Oscar scorecard, I put in for the score from The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Oh well!

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Also, my scorecard went bad pretty quickly! I tried hedging my bets and put Precious as the Best Picture, but I am not mad at cha, The Hurt Locker. The screenplays, short films, and gambles on Carey Mulligan hurt my scorecard, too. Oh well, they are called preferences because they are what we prefer!

I like the ten nominees concept for best picture, especially when Tom Hanks just commands the last category like that. While some of the nominees did not have a snowball’s chance in a snowball fight of winning, the list of ten was a nice way to give recognition to different films.

I am upset about the lack of general love (Where is the love?) for either A Serious Man or District 9. These things happen! Oh well!

The Oscars should cut that back patting thing before the lead actor/ress segments.  The inclusion of Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Colin Farrell made it pretty obvious that Jeff Bridges was going to win (and his friends could be there to dispense high-fives).

I think Sandra Bullock is the People’s Champ. Not my champ (That would be either Gabourey Sidibe or Carey Mulligan/ Chris Jericho) but her speech was cute and genuine and aww.  The clips before the lead actress category did remind me how intense Sidibe’s role was. She is good at this acting thing.


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The horror tribute? Maybe, next time, just use this. Or have Peter Sarsgaard talk about Carey Mulligan for longer because EW (Coincidentally, the An Education montage made me think its a more cynical, darker film than I thought.  I was reminded by Jenny’s virginity line about something that is so regarded in poetry and song talking so little time. Harsh dose, Sarsgaard).

I am a little upset that I am not waking up in a world where Tyler Perry is an Academy Award winner.

Sandra Bullock’s win, whatevs, but I was kind of concerned by the Tuohy family being at the Oscars, while the subject of The Blind Side, Michael Oher, was absent.  Hopefully, Michael Oher himself could not make the ceremony, but bringing the Tuohys and not Oher to the Academy Awards reinforces (and perhaps justifies) all the negative criticism about the movie.

Of course, too long, we need better hosts (Coco?), boring, whatever. It’s the Academy Awards. We should get used to these things. Sometimes, there are surprises! Like the cervical cancer commercial.

Until next year, be well Oscars!

PS- Who came in Zac Efron’s hair?

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