Another day, another dollar, twelve new questions from Lost. Geez, Lost, I can’t tell where you are going anymore. Last week, if I may admit, BLOCKBUSTERGAMECHANGER maybe. This week was good (especially since it was not a Kate episode) but I wish there were more answers.  I think we need more Lost answers and less mystery talk. It’s like the build up takes forever, but you never touch my Black Rock! Here is WHAT WE KNOW NOW.

1. Family photos are very easy to Photoshop.

The Shephards are movies. The Shephards are shakers. Sometimes, you can’t get the schedules to match. What can Photoshop do for you?

2. Alterna-Jack doesn’t remember having his appendix taken out.

Or THE TIMELINES ARE BLEEDING TOGETHER? And he has a son who likes the Red Sox (still baseball season?) so -_-;;

Lastly, he is seemingly a bad parent.

3. Ghosts are giving Hurley and Miles tips on how to play Tic Tac Toe.

Just two guys, chilling out, playing games!  Ghosts like Jacob also love posing dramatically by the Lazarus Pit.

4. David Shephard is only into the newest and coolest music.

He told Captain Beefheart “Don’t do it that way. You’ll never make a dime.”

5. Jack is honest with Sayid about attempted murder. Also, he sort of knows Claire is his sister now?

Speaking of Claire, she took to the wilderness well.  Learning how to disarm bear traps and such.

6. Jacob puts Dogen in his place.

“Oh yeah, I am a candidate, so I can just walk over here and take these free samples. ALL the free samples.” Jacob also knows what Christian Shephard says to Jack when he’s about to operate on his soon to be wife, or he is a spectacular guesser.

7. Claire gets progressively crazier every time we see her.

“Hello, Other, I have to AXE you some questions.” The Claires Have Eyes! Also, cool infection pun!

8. This episode would have been much better without this whole KATE person.

“I’m going to find Claire.” Geez, Kate, keep your ulterior motives in yo pants. Secondly, SUBTEXT.

9. Wills are always in the last place you look for them. . . and they contain SECRETS.

10. To reiterate, Claire is so good at wilderness stuff!

Plus, she is so cavalier about self-surgery and adamant about her child’s location.

Speaking of Claire, I thought her “friend” was going to be some super mind shocker. Imagine if she said “Here’s my friend.” AND MR. EKO POPS OUT

Missed opportunity, Lost.

11. Hurley thinks that Jack has game. Lol.

Cool Shannon shout-out guys!

12. Nikki and Paolo are the time-traveled and desecrated skeletal corpses.

13. Alterna-Jack’s son has so many parent issues.

Like alterna-father like son, eh kid?  Only classical piano can heal those wounds.

14. Hurley is so fucking meta these days and I love it.

I mean they go TO THE LIGHTHOUSE? What up, V Woolf?!

15. The Lost writers have foolproof dialogue to address the fans.

“I guess we weren’t looking for it.” Classic wink!

16. Alterna-Dogen is a loving father with a ponytail.

I get the feeling that the Others are still Others in the Alternate World. Each flash thing has had the subject personally interact with an Other. I like coincidences as much as the next person who generally appreciates coincidences, but this is just too much sauce in the pot.

I think the producers of Lost have engendered a semi-racist sense of expectation in their fans. I mean, every time I see an adolescent African-American, I assume its Walt. When the Asian boy talked to Jack this week, I thought that Jin and Sun were going to show up. Either Lost has some serious problems or it has helped me recognize some serious problems in myself.

17. Jack hates mirrors.

And the mirror scene was filled with Easter Eggs. It was like a holiday where you gather Easter Eggs! Kate was #51! Rousseau was 20-ish! Great stuff, Lost.

18. Jin is a master of improv.

Jin has come so far from his stern beginning. It is only a matter of time before Jin Kwon is breaking hearts as a Groundling or at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

19. Jack is Jacob’s fave now.

Obvi. Boo.

20. Claire’s friend is coming, and he is pissed.

So far, I guess, Jin, Sawyer, and Claire are all Team Edward. Hurley is the only full-fledged member of Team Jacob.


– Has Edward killed Sawyer? If not, where did Sawyer go?

– Has Ben decided to try ToastMasters after last week?

– Is Alterna-Jack’s wife the same wife he has always had? Were they unable to get the actress or is this a clue? Could Alterna-Jack’s wife be Ana-Lucia, Juliet, or Mr. Eko?!

– How many lists of numbers does Jacob keep? For all his power, isn’t that a little obsessive and compulsive?

BONUS: Teresa’s Thoughts of the Week

“I don’t like Jack being so important and Jacob being so vague.”


“Crappiest next week preview ever.”

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