Friday Night Lights: With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept


Last week, Friday Night Lights closed out a fantastic season. SO FANTASTIC. This show is one of the best on television. Nay, this show is the best show on television. While it is a shame that the show does not have the audience it deserves, many thanks to those who help fund it. When the show reruns on NBC in April, please watch it. It is wonderful and touching and heart-wrenching and clever and I am sorry for blushing but it is incredible.

Last week, the Panthers met the Lions in the final game of the regular season.But so much other stuff happened too!  This season had lots of things happen such as sex, crime, murder, abortion, mix tapes, football, drugs, D’angelo Barksdale, barbecue, Boston College, academic smackdown, bicycles, art, beauty pageants, inappropriate affairs, the wildcat formation, so many things! There were laughs and tears and awws, too.

Jess broke up with Landry Clarke! Sometimes we call them feelings because we can’t control how we feel. Jess can’t control that she likes Vince more than she likes Landry. On a sad note, Landry even wrote her a song called “Song for Jess.” Aw. MY LIFE IS LANDRY (my life is not really Landry). His early sad moments set up some incredibly nice moments for him later. Before those, he gives Vince the verbal business.

What else is new? Oh yeah, MATT SARACEN RETURNS. Both Landry and Julie are upset that Matt didn’t say goodbye when he left. However, they are glad to see him. Conflict! Matt Saracen buys Julie a plane ticket to Chicago to see his apartment in Greek town that is above a coffee shop. He always smells the coffee! Julie is still conflicted. Matt calls Landry a girl.

Principal Taylor is also conflicted. She is supposed to deliver an apology for giving Becky advice. Instead, she sticks to her guns and says “World, this is who I am. This is my soul.”  When her lawyer later threatens a lengthy (and I mean LENGTHY) lawsuit, Principal Taylor realizes all she cares about are the schoolchildren. She offers to go to start counseling at East Dillon. Coach Taylor works there! It is going to be like a situation comedy.

Coach makes his team work so hard! They even practice on Thanksgiving Day! Vince is scared, but Coach Taylor believes in him, even if Vince doesn’t believe in himself.  They have grown so close over these past thirteen weeks. It warms my heart!

The Taylor household hosts a bunch of people for Thanksgiving. Buddy Garrity besmirches Tami’s turkey. Matt Saracen continues re-wooing Julie. The Riggins family give lots of speeches with heavy subtext (because their lawyer recommended they go to JAIL).

Vince dines with his mother at rehab. Jess brings pie. Everyone looks happy about dinner and pie! Jess looks so much more happy than she ever looked with Landry. It hurts me to say that but it is true.

After dinner, Tim Riggins goes to apologize to Becky for both being a liar and getting into this whole crime mess. Tim says Becky is part of his family (not in that way that I thought this show was going to do at the beginning, perv) and he says they will be there if she ever needs anything. He gives her a snowglobe, but I think the sentiment and the brotherly affection are more important in the scene. This is Friday Night Lights, not Cititim Riggins Kane.


Lots of pressure. Lofty pressure. Especially, when the Panthers score first. But then the Lions tie! Well, sort of, because Landry Clarke misses the PAT. I blame Jess. Actually, I blame FEELINGS.

Dillon scores twice. Panthers 21 – Lions 6. Coach Taylor pulls out all the stops, and by all the stops, I mean he decides to call a pass to an offensive lineman. Tinker! Hey, everything is bigger in Texas. The play works. The Lions go for two. They get it! Good gosh almighty, I done wet my britches! 21-14.


Also, note that Luke Cafferty is suited up but not allowed to play due to injury. He was kind of a dick to Coach Taylor and threatened to transfer. However, Coach said “Luke, you made your injured bed, you have to sleep in it.”

During halftime, Vince tells his team to listen to the crowd chant for the Panthers. Vince transfers that Panther energy to heat energy to Lion energy. He is a leader!


Remember how Luke was injured? Fuck. That. Luke comes back and scores a touchdown. Somehow it is 24-20 Panthers at this point. Coach again goes for two. Luke gets it! Coach Taylor is a regular Sean Payton! 24-22. The Lions defense abuses JD McCoy (which is good because he is an asshole) and gets another chance. Luke runs the ball, DOWN GOES LUKE. DOWN GOES LUKE. He is injured, again. What is Coach to do? Apparently, the clock runs down to very little seconds left. So, in order to make things as dramatic as possible, Coach calls in Landry Clarke to win the game. Landry is FREAKING OUT about this 46 yard field goal against the wind (Bob Seger!). Coach says “It could be worse. It could be 47 yards.”

Landry makes the field goal. The Lions beat the Panthers by one. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.

That is not the end of the episode, though. This show is not just about football! As mentioned above, Tami decides to go to East Dillon. Matt Saracen takes Julie to a special spot (“Because you deflowered me here?” asks Julie. Smooth Matt.) to talk about their future. She says she can’t go with Matt because she will fall in love with HIS life and she will never follow her dreams. She tells him “As much as I love you, I need to find my own Chicago.” So. Much. Aw.

What’s up with Tim Riggins?

Tim makes a very hard choice. He tells his brother he will take sole blame for the crimes of which they are accused. This scene was just as powerful as the scenes dealing with Matt Saracen’s father’s funeral. Hopefully, Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins can co-win all the Emmys together.

Landry decides to go with Matt to Chicago (for how long? who knows? [The writers of Friday Night Lights, that is who knows]). The episode closes with Tim turning himself in, the Taylors putting up Christmas lights, and Landry flying with Matt to Chicago.


Thanks for a great season, Friday Nigh Lights. KIT, see you next year!

Find your own Chicago, everybody!

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