Parks & Recreation: “Think about how much better our friendship would be if we added doing it.”

Thursdays on NBC are the best! Well, not the best, but as far as a substitute for human interaction or a way to forget the troubles of the day, they are great!  This week was Valentine’s Week and every show brought their V-Game!  The Office was better than usual, Community rocked socks, and 3o Rock had Don Draper and Horatio Sanz! For what more can you ask?  You can ask for Valentine’s day cards to precede a recapitulation of Parks & Recreation. Well, rhetorical question answerer, ask and you shall receive (after the jump) !

So, Leslie opened up the show with a holiday that was pretty radical (in both the dictionary and slang senses) called Galentine’s Day, where she celebrated her best Gal friends.  Towards the end of each Galentine’s Day, Leslie’s mom tells a story about the One That Got Away. Such a tale moves her boyfriend Justin to track down Leslie’s mother’s long-lost love, Frank. He succeeds because he is a lawyer from Indianapolis, and after the Super Bowl, that city needed a win.

Ron Swanson allows this mission of love. He is a dear.

Jerry is also a dear, but there is not much Jerry this week. However, Jerry does affirm that he is in a successful and loving marriage. Good job, Jerry!

While Leslie and Justin go on their journey, Ann and Mark celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together. They also celebrate THEIR FIRST KISS.  Big moments for those two. BUT, later there are scary moments. During the climactic gala (what is this,  Gossip Girl? [No, because Gossip Girl does not come back until March]), there is a slight twinge of separation in Ann’s eye when she speaks of Mark.  It’s sort of like the end of “The Dead” but there’s no narrative perspective that misinterprets the situation.

Back to Leslie and Justin, they find Frank! Frank almost kisses Leslie. Then, we find out he’s KRAZY like glue. He also has not had a very fruitful life, but he has a great home so he made some okay decisions. Leslie has second thoughts which gain strength when they have to chase Frank down the freeway. Justin insists on the meeting, though. Okay, boyfriend who was in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, whatever you say!

Andy gets a big break at the Senior Dance. His band Mouse Rat lands the coveted gig and gets to play for everyone. April is excited to see Andy play. However, Aprils’ boyfriend and his boyfriend are more excited to see the old people. April wonders “Why does everything we do have to be cloaked in, like, fifteen layers of irony?” She promptly breaks up with them. Commence pining over

Dreamboat Andy!  At one point, April also tells an older couple that they are adorable, without a hint of irony.

Things don’t go well for Marlene Knope and her former lover Frank. Life!

Tom Haverford has a tough Valentine’s Day. He tries to win the affection of ex-wife Wendy using D’Angelo, champagne, alimony, and lawsuits.  They reconcile, eventually.  Tom gets another heart blow when a dear friend leaves his world.

Leslie tells Ron she feels weird about Justin despite his amazing credentials. Ron Fucking Swanson uses his people skills to recognize Justin as a “tourist.” Not the good, fun, vacationing type, but the selfish, was once in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle type. Leslie decides to break up with Justin, which is what I was referring to with the Tom losing a friend thing (Not in the No Doubt “Don’t Speak” sense, though). Ron is also recognized as the main man, Duke Silver.

Smooth licks!

NEXT WEEK: The Olympics?

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