Friday Night Lights: Season Finale Preview

Guys, the season finale of perhaps the best television show on TV right now is tonight! To get psyched, I decided to gather some of my favorite YouTube tribute videos about Friday Night Lights. There are a a great many wonders in this world and I think one of these wonders is the cornocopia of available YouTube tributes to television shows with melodramatic pop music in the background. To the wonder!

First off, there are about forty videos that use The Fray’s “Look After You” but lots of them disable embedding. I guess they don’t really want their message out there! Here is one that wants the message out there.  It involves Tim Riggins!

This next one is good because it uses Explosions in the Sky and Explosions in the Sky do the theme music for Friday Night Lights! So many angles and sepia!

There are also a large amount of videos that use Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Again, some people don’t want their message out there.

Finally, tenderness

Go Lions!

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