Friday Night Lights: The Moon Is Down

After everything that happened last week, not much could happen this week on Friday Night Lights, right? WRONG. So much happens! There is a birth, an almost-shooting, some arguments, a declaration of love, a funeral, a police questioning, some compromises, man, just a lot of stuff down in Texas!  It is all hurtling towards next week’s season finale/ West meets East football battle!  Let’s get ready for that football with some practice because there is no actual football in this episode!

Vince continues his theme of having a difficult life. His story opens at the funeral for his friend Calvin, who was shot last episode.  He also confides about the whole shooting ordeal in Jess.  She is very concerned for his well-being!  Another associate of Vince’s is only concerned with retribution. He wants to shoot the people who shot Calvin. Vince is against this! Then, he is for it! Then, he is against it again and his associate threatens to murder him! Then, he ends up confiding in Jess some more. Sparks! Jess talks to him about not shooting people and Vince claims he is a monster. But he’s not! He’s a big softie who doesn’t want to shoot people.

Landry would not like those sparks. Landry does a few important things this episode. He tells Vince he is sorry for Vince’s loss. He gets Jess a new bicycle.  He leads the Lions in a covert operation where they stick toothpicks in the entirety of the Panthers’ practice field. However, he is responsible for the whole team running sprints. Alright week for Landry, but there are things looming for him and those things are Jess and Vince’s CHEMISTRY.

In the football realm, there is a lot going on, but none of it is actual football. In the lead up to the East/ West game, there is a battle over where the game will be held. The Lions are scheduled to host it, but Joe McCoy and his legion of assholes try to see that such things won’t happen.

What an asshole.

The aforementioned toothpick prank happens and then in a proportional response, the Panthers run a bunch of SUV’s over the Lions field. Panthers? More like Pan-asshole-thers! We also find that the Panthers’ fans are racist. It is then decided that the game will be at a neutral field. So, the Lions are fucked.

Tinker is there, though. You go, Tink!

Principal Taylor is still dealing with the abortion thing fallout. People want her to be fired as principal. She has her own principles though (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) and does not believe she should be bullied into apologizing for counseling kids. She asks a lawyer what she should expect. Mr. Lawyer Man says she should expect a long, drawn-out, maybe fruitless, but eventually successful legal battle. Way to kill the mood, lawyer! Then some people tell her that abortion is murder. Throughout it all, lots of people call the Taylor house saying that either the Panthers suck or that Tami Taylor kills babies. Actually, sometimes its a combination.

Lawyers can’t kill Tim Riggins though. What’s up with Tim Riggins, anyway?

Tim’s day starts off pretty good. He becomes an uncle! It then gets progressively worse as Becky tells him she loves him and the cops come to question him about cars. Ironically, Tim at one point says he has life figured out. Do you know about life, Tim Riggins? Do you?!  Sort of not. Because he gets taken to jail. Tough times.


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