The Siege Is Watching 2: Let Love Rule, Y’all

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“The Siege Is Watching” is a monthly feature where this blog’s writer lets his cousin, Bentley Siege (amateur club promoter) take a look at the month’s new releases. Granted, we are a week into February already, but Mr. Siege has a great explanation for that. Without further ado, I present this month’s edition of Mr. Bentley Siege. . .

What’s good, everybody? Sorry bout the lateness this month, but I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity last week, professionally and personally. I was given the chance to go down to South Beach for the Big Game!  No, not yesterday’s Big Game, I mean American football’s Professional Bowl! A former co-worker of mine had a ticket for me. I jumped on that chance.  Experiencing Miami? South Beach? That’s like Mecca for my industry.  Granted, I didn’t get a full flavor of it, as I flew in Sunday morning and had to fly out Sunday night before the game was over, but damn, just so much vibrancy in that city. It’s like this song is about that place.

Anyway, I know I’ve kept y’all on the edge of y’alls computer chairs with my lateness 😉 Just playin’, peeps. Let’s do it to it. Lotsa freshness.

February 2nd, 2010

Rebirth – Lil’ Wayne

Put away your Pro-Tools, y’all. Album of the year is DUNZO. Wayne’s killing it on this, shredding some licks, reinventing wheels. You thought “Lollipop” was hot? Check this ish out.


Sorry about that CAPITALS intensity, everybody.

Who Am I – Nick Jonas & The Administration

I saw an anime movie this summer called Ponyo. It featured the littlest Jonas brother doing some voice acting. I guess his big bro decided to go solo, too!  Big year for the JoBros so far with this and one of them getting holy matrimoned.

February 9th, 2010

ODD BLOOD – Yeasayer

One Life Stand – Hot Chip

I think that Hot Chip and Yeasayer are going to get those skinny denimed legs moving this winter/ early spring!  I think there used to be this stigma on hip, trendy music and how it wanted to address becoming real music (Embrace the freshness!) and I think these two bands move closer to that ideal.  At least they move my body closer to that ideal! Do it do it do it now!

Soldier of Love – Sade

Did you know Sade was a band? I always thought it was just the singer lady. Apparently, Sade is her name AND the band’s name. Like Halen and DMB and Daughtry!


February 16th, 2010

Scratch My Back – Peter Gabriel

The former Genesis frontman returns but with a twist! Gabriel attacks the heartstrings using his voice, an orchestra, and some of the freshest cuts from the new World songbook. He’s not “In Your Eyes” or on “Solsbury Hill.” Instead, he’s tackling songs by television commercial heroes The Arcade Fire, Wisconsin ministers of tourism Bon Iver, and everyone’s third fave Russian, Regina Spektor.

February 23rd, 2010

Dear God, I Hate Myself – Xiu Xiu

I don’t get this band. To each their own.

Have One On Me – Joanna Newsom

You guys are down with funnyman Andy Samberg, right? I was doing some ‘search and I found that he has a ladyfriend who sings songs and plays the harp. People really dig on her. This month, she releases a TRIPLE album! Man, that’s ambition. That’s like an idea I had one time for a Triple Club.  You think you know, but you have no idea.

Also, she plays the harp and she was in that weird clip for MGMT’s breakout hit “Kids.” Get the dance on!

That’s it for this month, peeps! Remember, it’s February so spread the love and remember our presidents!  Keep it real, shawty breads. Your love is a miraculous love.

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