Parks & Recreation: “Terrific’s not more than amazing Jerry” “Well, it’s not less.”

I was watching this week’s episode of Parks & Recreation and I could not help but feel underwhelmed.  However, as with so many other things in life, I took a second look at the episode and discovered it was funny and great! Great and funny! Grunny! It had quotable lines, hilarious sight gags, solid character development, and amateur carpentry. It also had Ann Perkins not being very funny. Instead, Ann was annoying and kind of depressing at times.  But other things were great. To other things!

Most of the episode focused on the Sweetums’ company and their new line of unhealthy health food that uses lots of corn syrup. I once heard at a barber shop that corn syrup is no longer any cheaper to use in soft drinks than sugar.  The machine is just so embedded in a certain kind of production and all these people just follow the soft drink companies blindly! Rage against the machine!

Ann was upset that everyone was into the Sweetums food. Ann also makes reference to the children of Pawnee with “The kids here are beefy. They’re just husky, big boned, plus-sized chunk monsters. I call ‘em like I see ‘em.” I will not conform to your unrealistic standard of beauty, fictional character! We are beautiful no matter what you say. Your words can’t bring me down so don’t you bring me down today!

On the other end, Mark and his pickup truck help Tom move from his stuff Wendy’s house to his new bachelor pad. Here, we were introduced to DJ Roomba. We also got a deeper look to Donna’s concern with her vehicle. Also, Jerry helped!

April’s boyfriend and his gay boyfriend also showed up. They made fun of Andy which upset April. Andy and April are like this decade’s Jim and Pam except that Jim wants to be on Deal or No Deal and Pam hates lots of things. Tom and Wendy said some goodbyes. Tom’s heart huts all the time. This was exacerbated when Jerry killed DJ Roomba. No good, Jerry!

Later, Leslie and Ron had a heartfelt moment of professional respect. They really do care about each other.

In a shocking, and I mean SHOCKING, development, April seems to be distancing herself from Andy! Oh noes! Hopefully, they can rectify the situation so they can be wed in six seasons at Niagara Falls.

SIDEBAR: Aubrey Plaza, who plays April, was on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night. She talked about lots of things, like following her principal, her pictures of fellow guest Channing Tatum (who once burned his penis by pouring boiling water on it), and impressions of Marcia Gay Harden and Joy Behar. I recommend it!

NEXT WEEK: It’s called “Galentine’s Day” so maybe ROMANCE will rear its complicated head.

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