Friday Night Lights: Have You Passed Through This Night?

Sorry this is late again. I was out this weekend DOING THINGS, LIVING LIFE (HE-EY, HE-EY, HE-EY).  Sometimes, I have to put away the blog time for some me time. I don’t think the actors on Friday Night Lights get much “them” time. They must be method actors. M-E-T-H-O-D, actors! This show continues its theme of not being very happy for most characters.  Everything goes wrong at once and one of the characters is dying.

There’s a game against Westcott this week, but no one cares about that game. Buddy Garrity is getting so hard (that Rihanna reign just won’t let up) over NEXT week’s game against the Dillon Panthers. Can you smell the season finale?  It doesn’t matter about the Westcott game anyway. The Lions lose in more ways than one. They lose in two ways.

First, they lose the game in reference to the scores they scored compared to the scores Westcott scored. Secondly, they lose Luke Cafferty for the season due to a hip flexor injury. You thought Luke had his hands full with the abortion thing, you should see how much is in his hands with this drug addiction thing!  The pharmacy man won’t give him pills. The guys in Carroll Park won’t sell him pills. Then, Tinker yells at him. Then, Luke gets hit repeatedly during the Westcott game because offensive mastermind Eric Taylor runs the same play 12 times in a row.

Luke’s mom also starts going crazy.  At first, she seems caring when she visits Becky to ask her about the abortion situation. Then, she starts trying to get Principal Taylor fired for telling Becky about her options. Then, Alan Keyes shows up and starts protesting Principal Taylor.  Fun week for Principal Taylor.

Vince also has a terrible week. His mom is still doing the rehab thing. To pay this debt, Vince must do the crime thing. During a crime run after his Westcott game, Vince watches his good friend get shot and die. Then, he goes to Jess because he is sad. Nothing happens, but they are ELECTRIC together.

This bodes not well for Landry and Jess, which is upsetting! because I love Landry! Landry seems more into Jess than Jess is into him. During a dinner when Jess meets the Clarke family, Mrs. Clarke asks about her thoughts on Obama. Man, I just want things to work out for those kids. But this isn’t Sesame Street, this is DILLON!

Also, guess who is back?

QB 1 MOTHER FUCKERS! Admittedly, Matt doesn’t have a good series of screen appearances. He calls Julie, who is justifiably upset with him. She gives him the business. Matt doesn’t handle things well. Julie puts a curse on him. Matt Saracen had a tough deal though, so go easy on him!

Speaking of going easy, what is up with Tim Riggins?

Tim starts off having a good week. He uses his crime money to buy land. He then takes Becky and her mom to dinner. After dinner, Becky’s mom tries to get into Tim’s pants. Rather, she tries to get his pants off or at least get something out of his pants, that thing being his penis.  Tim says it would be a bad idea. Responsibility!

Next, Becky comes to tell Tim thanks for being a swell guy. Tim says you are welcome. When Becky asks Tim to watch a movie ( Thelma & Louise ) he at first says no, but then decides what the heck. I admit that after this happened, I finally thought this was the week Tim Riggins was going to slip it into Becky and when I say slip it into Becky, I mean he will slip into Becky’s memory as the first man she ever loved. Instead, they just watch a movie. Then, Becky’s mom comes home and things get real.  In short, Tim Riggins doesn’t live there anymore.

NEXT WEEK: Jail! Threats! Phone Violence!

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