Friday Night Lights: The Only Moment We Were Alone

Sorry about the lateness, but again big week, big things. But we are not here to talk about those things. We are here to talk about Friday Night Lights! Football!  And what is football concerned with right now? Apparently, abortion. Between this and the Tim Tebow thing, there’s a lot of abortion talk going on in football. I mean, aside from the Super Bowl and stuff. Abortions for some, minauture American flags for others.After last week, there were a bunch of things that needed to be addressed. When I say a bunch of things, I mean Becky and Luke and Becky’s pregnancy. The episode starts with Luke in church with his family. The preacher then talks about how proud everyone is of Luke, so it’s going to be that sort of episode.

Becky goes to Tim Riggins for help. Tim Riggins brings Becky to Principal Taylor. Way to pass the buck, Tim! Speaking of bucks, Tim decides he doesn’t want to scrap cars anymore because he might get in trouble. In response to this end, he and his brother bury the remaining cars they have in the ground. I guess Green Week didn’t send these guys the e-memo.

But yeah, Principal Taylor gives Becky her great Principal Taylor advice. Luke and Becky talk more about the options. Becky is scared to get stuck in Dillon. She was a beauty queen and now she’s pregnant and next week she will be phasing through walls, roller-derbying, or attack child predators (I base this off my Ellen Page movie roles chart). Becky tells her mom, who is pissed. I am not sure if she is pissed because of the pregnancy or because Kirsten Dunst beat her out for the role of Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man.

Luke tells his parents. His mom starts saying some Joseph and Mary stuff because it’s one of those sorts of things. However, I think his mom is just trying to forget that Luke fucked a girl out of wedlock.

Luke calls Becky later and tells her that he will be there whatever she decides. Then she tells him she had the abortion. Then Becky is distraught and the episode is over.

Other stuff happens too, though!

Vince finds his mom passed out because she’s back on the drugs.Vince makes it his mission to get her into a good rehab facility. The state ones have a waiting period of “until January.”  I understand that this story occurs during fall football, but this was one of those “huh” things for a hot second. I calmed down, eventually.  Vince decides a private rehab facility is best, but he does not have the funds. He asks Coach Taylor to help him. Coach says he will do as much as he can.  Vince is not content with this, so he goes back to a life of crime. Vince has a tough time.

Julie Taylor does not have a tough time. I like Julie as  fictional person, but lately, her stories don’t have as much weight as abortion decisions, lives of crime, and Landry’s love life. Julie brings her new beau over for dinner with the Taylors.  He likes travel and has an awkward exchange with Coach Taylor over what happens when you play football in the rain. Must be weird. Later, he and Julie climb a water tower. Fun times!

NEXT WEEK: Luke’s abusing his pain meds! Good thing for that abortion because that baby would have totally fucked up his being addicted to pain meds. Also, Riggins fucks someone.

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