Parks & Recreation: “Gonna Have to Re-foliate ‘Em”

In the modern world, it becomes more and more difficult to be genuinely surprised. Between spoilers, previews, clips, “Next Week On’s. . . “, and the like, I find that the bigger things in entertainment programming (like basic plot and guest stars) are known weeks before the airing of said programming. In these times, it’s often the little things that surprise us, such as the easter eggs for superfans, the connections we develop in our minds that the artist may not have intended, and self-reflexively, our own surprise that we are able to be surprised.

I say these things because the most recent episode of Parks & Recreation (“Leslie’s House”) had something that made me FREAK OUT FOR TEN TO TENPOINTTHREE MINUTES. We shall get to that. But first, how was Jerry’s week?

This week’s episode was built around a dinner party Leslie throws for her boyfriend, Justin. In a glaring omission, Donna was not mentioned. In addition, in a glaring snub, Jerry was purposely not invited. Work on those people skills, Jerry.

We finally get to see Leslie’s house. This was big for me. I recognized the house in which Leslie lives. That house is not in Pawnee, Indiana. In fact, that house technically should not be there anymore because last I checked it was sucked into the Hellmouth because that house was located in Sunnydale, California. Getting to the point, LESLIE’S HOUSE IS BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’S HOUSE!

That is the house! Want more proof?

That is wear the Parks Department dined!

That’s the living room where entertaining happened! Don’t mind Georgina Sparks or the dashing Xander Harris. Interesting fact: After the first season of BtVS, the interior scenes were shot on a set but before that they shot them at Leslie’s house. Another interesting fact: You should watch all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is the best television show. It is not what you expect. I have the DVD’s. I will send them to you.

Getting back to P&R, there were a lot of story lines with which this episode dealt. One of these was not if Anne and Mark have ever kissed.

This week, we find out that Justin lives in Indianapolis. That is where they have the NFL scouting combine!

Tom Haverford saw Wendy again. He was concerned the debonair, mustachioed Ron Swanson would sweep her off her feet. Time will tell.

Andy is still jealous of Justin. This was especially apparent when April mentioned that she thought Justin was awesome.  Eventually, she regained Andy’s trust.  During the party, though, Andy was not concerned with April’s boyfriend and his gay boyfriend. Now that the Andy/April stove is turned up to the Med-High setting she needs to kick those guys to the curb, girlyfriend. Three snaps in a ‘zed’ formation and what not.

NEXT WEEK: The episode is called “Sweetums.” Hopefully, there will be more Buffy locations because SWOOOOON.

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