Parks & Recreation: He has the brains of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden

New television, y’all!  Television 2: Back in the Habit! And Thursday comedy was all up in them guts! Except The Office. I guess the writers had to spend an extra week coming up with another depressing story line (Toby’s daughter moves away! Jim makes faces!) But it’s ok because there was a new Community, two new 30 Rock‘s (with one Gossip Girl reference), and one Parks & Recreation, where things GOT real. Take it away, Jerry!

I mostly enjoy Jerry. I enjoy him so, that I put a picture of him with a cigar in these posts (Jerry knows how to enjoy himself). However, he was upset with April a lot during the episode. Poor form, Jerry! She’s just a kid still sort of.

Leslie is ready to get back into the game. That game is dating (and maybe a little bit of “Trouble” if you know what I mean, and I mean dice bubbles).  Ann sets her up with her friend (sort of?), Chris, played by  Will Arnett, Amy Poehler’s real-life husband (journalism!).  There is chemistry there. I definitely see why they chose each other as life-mates.  On this show, they use their chemistry for humor! Will Arnett plays Chris with his signature Will-Arnettish flair but keeps the character separate from Devon or Gob or the Brother Solomon. Will Arnett is successful at funny things.

Leslie is more interested in Ann’s other friend, Justin, played by Justin Theroux.  You may remember him from this

He is a lawyer and a nice guy so obvi he should be with Leslie. BUT! Ann cock-blocks (cock-blocks? maybe vag-blocks? maybe I shouldn’t use these terms) Leslie because she is saving Justin for herself. Brendanawicz is upset with this. Ann and Mark have dated for so long and they have not kissed yet! They have Issues (like the 4th Korn album). I can’t defend Mark all the way, because some of us still haven’t seen Marley & Me, asshole.

Ann relents and eventually Leslie and Justin go date. To be continued. . . ?

Other fun things happened. Tom Haverford interviewed people. April took a job as Ron Swanson’s assistant because she loves Andy. Andy sold a CD.  Andy for president.

To close, this:

Love that gif!

Next Week: The episode is called “Leslie’s House.”  I bet it’s a very, very, very fine house!


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