Friday Night Lights: It’s Natural to Be Afraid

Before we get to this week’s episode of Friday Night Lights, let us talk for a moment about how well NBC handles its programming (namely, this – ).  Word comes in that in addition to this fun stuff, NBC will now hold this season of FNL until the summer maybe? I mean, because of the Olympics, probably, and maybe Lost, and of course the Biggest Loser and American Idol. The best way to stop being a fourth place network is upsetting your marquee television hosts (Carson Daly, duh) and withholding your best drama until the summer when everyone decides to stay inside and tune into a show that has been available to watch for six months. The Comcast deal should help NBC, but only if they get the FEARnet descriptions copy writer to run the network.

Anyway, let’s check in with Tim Riggins

Tim wants to take advantage of the buyer’s market in real estate and buy a farm (or a range, I am not sure of the difference). Even in the economic climate, it still costs money. So Tim needs More Money. His sister-in-law is also concerned that his brother is cheating. In reality, Tim’s brother has accepted Vin Diesel’s The Fast and the Furious role of stripping cars for Vince Howard’s sketchy friend. This upsets Tim because of his strong morality (Treat others how you want to be treated and also fuck your paraplegic best friend’s girlfriend). After trying to get a job, Tim relents and decides to help his brother turn cars into pieces. This will inevitably cause MORE PROBLEMS (longest set-up ever).

Also, re: Tim Riggins, the weird dynamic between him and Becky continues. They make out on the range for an inappropriate amount of time. I remember when I said that Luke and Becky were going to get together. Then I remembered it was Crazy Town. Speaking of which

Luke Cafferty has a weird week.  He is still nursing his cattle injury (since Texas) and it is getting worse. So much worse that Tim Riggins has to refer him to a back alley doctor. I think it is going to escalate, but it does not escalate much this week.

Shit escalates with Vince, though. His friend is upset they don’t steal cars together any more.  Vince’s mysterious relationship with Jess is addressed, in a manner. Vince’s mom has Jess over for a weird dinner.  Vince’s mom really wants to date Jess and have tons of babies with her. So many babies!

But isn’t Jess going out with Landry?!  They have a weird date in which the episode’s directors decide to utilize Landry’s awkwardness in the best way. He also makes some kicks in the football game and Jess totally loves him again. Sorry Vince’s mom!

Mrs. Taylor and Julie go visit Boston College. As an American, I could not get super into this storyline. Buck Coston Follege, and all.

There’s a fair amount of football this week. The Lions get to play a shitty team which pumps them up because THEY MIGHT WIN THIS ONE! Luke Cafferty shows his grit. Luke leads the league in heart. Vince leads the league in being an incredible athlete. The Lions lead the league in not being the shittiest team anymore! Hurray!

The episode used a bunch of older Explosions in the Sky songs. I guess they blew their music budget on the Bob Dylan cue from a couple weeks back.

The episode ends with a win, but no one seems really content with their station in life. Landry seems content though because Jess decides to hang out with him. Hurray for you Landry!

Next Week: Football. Emotion. Luke Cafferty does caffeine pills. He’s so excited. He’s so excited. He’s. . . So . . . Scared!

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