Friday Night Lights: Remember Me as a Time of Day

I think one of the things that prevents Friday Night Lights from being the best show in the history of television is its timeframe. I mean, here we are in December, watching great stories about Texas high school football, and we are left with a weird feeling. That feeling comes from not having a very special Christmas Night Lights. I mean, I love football as much as the next American (AMERICA) but I also love Christmas. If corporations have told me anything its that there should only be Christmas specials on this time of year. Instead, we get Julie Taylor and her FEEEEEELINGS. They are not Christmas feelings.

Julie is feeling the burn because Matt Saracen left town without much notice last week. They were in love and he hurt her so she has a right to be upset. She throws herself into many school clubs including the literary club that is reading Twilight (because people in public school don’t care about reading, duh). She and Landry also join Academic Smackdown. It’s basically Quiz Bowl but called Academic Smackdown because EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS. Julie also visits Matt Saracen’s mom and grandma where she unfortunately finds that Matt has called them a couple of times. Matt has not called Julie. I don’t know how I feel about this because Matt’s a good guy and this makes him seem like not a good guy. Also, I get Julie is upset but Matt’s grandma is sort of crazy so he has to call her or else she will build a rocket pack and fly away. However, I don’t know if Matt Saracen is so busy in Chicago eating bad pizza, listening to Wilco, and hanging out with Jay Cutler to call Julie Taylor. This all comes to a head during Academic Smackdown when Julie answers a question in tears about Thomas Wolfe and his appropriately named novels.

But enough about crying. What’s up with Tim Riggins?

First, Tim gets involved in some scuffles with Becky’s deadbeat trucker dad who comes for a visit. Tim discovers that he has a child in Seattle.  I’m not Magellan over here but I can only assume the commute from Seattle, Washington to West Texas is killer. I would feel bad for Becky’s dad if he wasn’t such a douche b.

Tim also helps his brother throw a strip show/ baby shower for his sister-in-law at Riggins’ Rigs in order to pay for rising medical bills. What also happens is that Vince’s creepy friend approaches the elder Riggins and tries to get him involved in some underground shit. This cannot end well.

Tim also decides to buy a farm, so good for him.

Speaking of farms, BMOC Luke Cafferty has a tough week. His dad wants him to fix a fence and miss school, but Luke has to play football. It’s his ticket out of here! Luckily, Best New Character Dallas Tinker comes and helps fix the fence. Luke has new friends. Dallas has great fence skills!

Oh hey, there’s Landry Clarke. He did well on Academic Smackdown, but he also did well on moving forward with Jess. Landry calls his ex-flame Tyra but she is just not that into him anymore. So, he decides to go infinity and beyond with Jess (more or less).

There’s no actual football this week, but there are some developments. Vince is the new QB1 ! Good for Vince!  Vince’s mom thanks Coach Taylor. She is also ambulatory this week!  Also, Vince decides to give up the streets for football. He gives Coach Taylor a gun to prove it.

Principal Taylor has a weird week. Her staff takes her out to celebrate becoming a Blue Ribbon School. This effort is spearheaded by Glen who is a little too enthusiastic. He is very pro-Principal Taylor. Eventually, after a round of shots and karaoke singing Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” he tries to kiss Principal Taylor (a married woman!).  Later he tries to apologize to Principal Taylor and says the phrase “mouth rape” like 12 times. Principal Taylor says it can’t happen again. The door seems left open for Glen to change his name to Oliver and hold Principal Taylor up in a penthouse before Ryan Atwood comes to save her.

Then, this happened,

Just kidding, but Merry Christmas!

NEXT WEEK: I don’t think the show comes back until January. So there.

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