Friday Night Lights: So Long Lonesome

After last episode (also known as THE GREATEST SINGLE EPISODE OF TELEVISION EVER), it would be unrealistic to expect Friday Night Lights to keep the emotions running high. This episode was more light-hearted than recent ones, but parts of it felt a little eh (and by “eh” I mean “Well, it would be unrealistic to keep up such a pace, I mean, I’m not one for sports analogies all the time but it’s almost like expecting Usain Bolt to run a marathon at his sprint pace the whole time and I think maybe his leg muscles would just turn into goo then but I am not a scientist and I can not diagnose these things).

It was a good episode, not a great episode (especially because of the SHOCKING ENDING), but hey, Friday Night Lights is still probably the best show on television, so we have to roll with it.

There was some serious football this week to make up for recent weeks where there has not been football. This is Friday Night Lights, not Friday Night Hanging Out at the Dairy Queen, Getting a Coke. The East Dillon Lions have a big game against the best football team since the 1980’s University of Miami Hurricanes. Things leading up to the game get kind of weird when Coach Taylor’s secretly gay assistant coach gets all hyper again. First, he walks out of a meeting because he has too much PEP. Then he guarantees a win for the team. Assistant coach needs a chill pill.

There was an AMAZING sequence where the Lions talk to the TV cameras about the game (King of Quotes Landry Clarke said “Well Emily, I think, you know, I scored perfect score on my Math portion of the SAT, you know,  if the pressure’s  on, I think I’m the guy to go to, Emily.” He’s great!).  Coach Taylor storms off during his interview because of integrity. Next, there’s a super intense practice where the Riggins brothers come in and wreck shit, as is their family’s tradition. Later, Vince and BMOC Luke Cafferty watch game tape in an electronics store. In said electronics store, Vince and Luke get into some shit with JD McCoy but complex assistant coach who works there kicks JD McCoy to the curb. You go, Coach!

Eventually, the football happens. The Lions run the Wildcat offense exclusively. It works and the Lions keep it close, but they lose 14-7.  Everyone did a great job though and Coach Taylor is super proud of them! You go, East Dillon Lions!

Other things happen in the episode. Landry gets slapped by Jess. Also, Tim Riggins things.

Tim mostly hangs out with Lyla Garrity. This causes a chain reaction leading to Becky freaking out with Luke. Becky is getting too Swimfan with Tim Riggins. But Tim is happy because Lyla is back due to midterm break at Vanderbilt/ the Yankees winning the World Series. Tim and Lyla spend a bunch of time in his trailer bed (eh, eh?). Tim also makes some crazy plans and asks Lyla to stay and work at the shoppe with him. No can do. Lyla’s got to get back on the bus and head back to Jeterville. There is fun bar-going and mechanical bull-riding first.

But Lyla leaves and then Becky gives a talk about love to Tim Riggins that is based on a similar speech from Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! but Riggins ain’t having any of it. He’s just about beer and Bob Dylan right then.

BUT, that is not the saddest part of the episode! There is the Matt Saracen part! First, Matt acts a bit weird and upbeat given the fact his father just died. Next, Julie and Matt go to Austin for the “Austin Independent Music Festival” or something because I guess Austin City Limits wanted a jillion dollars to use their name. The Taylors don’t want Julie to go because it is far and she has to get into college and take tests. Julie disobeys them and goes anyway. She also lies to Matt. This leads to a fight in Austin. Then some more fights. Then some weird moments. However, there is a nice moment where the two of them dance to this song in a hotel room and I go SWOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

Later, Matt asks during a concert if Julie wants him to leave Dillon. She doesn’t! She loves him! However, she knows in her heart that Matt Saracen is going to leave. And leave he does. He drives off with this song in the background, taking all of our hearts with him.

Fare the well,  Matt Saracen. You will be missed.

NEXT WEEK: Probably some fallout from Matt Saracen leaving. Maybe some Vince and Luke. Becky will probably boil Tim Riggins’ pet bunny.

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