Parks & Recreation: Sex, Drugs, Possibly Rock & Roll

Last night, Parks & Recreation reminded us all of a very important part of the holiday season. That important part is the holiday scandal! You know, when you are hanging around the hearth with family and close friends, recounting the trials and tribulations of the year, celebrating whatever holiday fits your denomination or belief system, of course to be interrupted by news breaking of intrigue and cave sex. It’s American as apple pie and mistletoe  and a second helping of apple pie. And peppermint bark. Of course, peppermint bark.

This week was a lot of Leslie, which was nice. Usually, Ms. Knope helps the other members of the Parks department with their troubles, but this week she had troubles of her own. Sexy troubles due to the reappearance of councilman Dexhart (cave sex!). We found a bunch of things, including how important Leslie is to the department and where she does not have moles. Also, Andy has his finger on or around the pulse of City Hall.

We also learned that Jerry loves the stage and when he was Santa, it was just farts. TMI, Jerry!

Tom Haverford and Mark Brendanawicz got to go around like buddy cops in a buddy cop film except they weren’t very successful at their job. April and Andy got closer (eh, eh, Reggie Wayne jersey, eh). April smiled a bunch! Kids always need smiles. Mark got Ann a computer bag. What a thoughtful gift! I don’t mean to meddle in their relationship and I’m happy for them, but Mark and Ann still don’t seem very coupley. There’s lots of side hugs in their relationship. However, who I am to judge the relationship between two perfectly nice fictional characters.

The episode had some sad moments too. We bid adieu (French!) to Leslie’s boyfriend Dave because his Army Reserve unit was called into duty. Louis CK was great on the show especially in a role that was very unlike him. I am not the expert on Louis CK things but his stand up (which is real good) does not have the mild-mannered flair that Dave had. I am sad to see Dave go. Louis CK has a new TV show coming out though. So yeah!

But let’s not forget the real message of the evening. Home is where the libelous/slanderous scandal is! Keep your friends close but your cave sex politicians closer! Or just, Go Leslie! Good job, Leslie!

In keeping with Christmas, video!

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