Parks & Recreation: If I Had to Have a Stripper’s Name, It Would Be “Equality”

Divorce is hard not only because of the social and legal ramifications of the proceedings but also because of the changes in everyday living. Even in Tom Haverford’s greencard marriage, he finds it difficult not being around Wendy anymore.  There is a song about that, I think.

I think that applies here? I’m not sure. I thought all Blink-182 songs were about the San Diego Padres. Anyway.

So, Tom and Wendy get divorced on the fourth floor. The fourth floor is like something out of The Wire or at least Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It is scary up there! Scary popcorn man, scary urine salesman, the DMV.

Leslie sees Tom and Wendy so she makes it her mission to cheer Tom up. Jerry suggests a great restaurant for the department to take Tom out for dinner. Jurassic Fork! Good Job, Jerry!

Also, Ann tries to make the dinner all about her by complaining about splitting the bill. SHUT UP ANN. CAN’T YOU SEE TOM IS HURTING?! I didn’t get Ann’s complaints, because at most dinosaur-themed restaurants I frequent, the wait staff gladly separates each person’s individual orders.  I mean, at least that is what they did this past Thanksgiving.

Ann and Mark also become mildly annoying this episode when they do not hold up their wager with Andy. Let me be clear, the rules of Billiards are standard and based on this standard, Andy wins Ann. However, he decides to give into Ann and Mark’s silliness. Bravo, Andy. This show should be named Parks and Recreation and Andy Dwyer’s Mature Attitude.

Also, it seems like they devise ways to remove April from potentially hilarious scenes. Like the strip club. But then, there wouldn’t be time for fun stuff like this.

I was glad that there was some serious Tom Haverford acting going on. Like, Matt Saracen level acting. Good job, Tom!

ALSO! The comment about Avril Lavigne and Sum 41’s Derek Whilbley breaking up shocked me. I thought they were still married. If those crazy kids can’t make it. . . Alas!

Kudos to Leslie’s singing Horse-A-Gram and Anti-Kudos to Wendy Haverford.

Next Week: It’s Christmas! You were handsome, you were pretty, Queen of Pawnee city!

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