Scrubs: Scrubs is back? Alright.

Scrubs is back. Yay Scrubs? Sure. There are some positives and negatives to Scrubs being back on TV.


1). Nothing much else is on Tuesday nights.

2). There are jokes.



The whole show’s concept now follows JD, Turk, Dr. Cox, and Dr. Kelso teaching at a med school. Plus, Denise, the resident from last season shows up as a med school RA. Is this how med school works? Are there med school RA’s? Whatever, Scrubs, I will take your word for it. Sarah Chalke shows up for a second. So does the Janitor. But Carla doesn’t show up. Also, neither the peppy girl nor the famous Jett Jackson (last season’s medical interns) show up. Sadface? Maybe. I am all for former Disney Television show stars getting more famous because it is easier to make jokes that way but on the other hand, I can’t get over that the FAMOUS JETT JACKSON was just hanging out, being a doctor.

Last year, Scrubs ended on a high note with a great closing episode and future montage that was full of sugar and spice and sunshine and good vibrations. But now, Scrubs is back. Which is confusing because Sacred Heart Hospital is now a teaching hospital and JD has another new job. It is well documented that Zach Braff will not be sticking around for a while and it’s going to be Turk and Dr. Cox’s show but will Scrubs lose its Scrubsness then?

(Sidebar: there is a movie that has been running on cable for a while recently called The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy [The shortest distance between friends isn’t always a straight line] about a group of gay friends in the Los Angeles area. Zach Braff plays a young gay man who gets involved in drugs and fucking people from the gym. It is weird because sometimes he is serious and sometimes he is funny but he is not the Zach Braff we know nowHe is a blonde Zach Braff.)

So, Scrubs introduces a bunch of new characters. Like Lucy! Who is basically a female JD! Not exactly, but she does have the internal monologue thing down.

Also, there is Drew. He failed med school the first time around. Now, he is back. . . WITH A VENGEANCE! He is fucking Denise. Dr. Cox sort of wants to fuck him, I think.

The last new character is Cole. He is part of jokes that are similar to Aziz Ansari’s character from last year. Also, he loves ladies! and his parents helped build the hospital. He also may have been the kid in Superbad that pissed his pants. He is definitely the brother of James Franco.

The episodes on Tuesday were funny. But will Scrubs still be the same? Can we still love it the same way we loved it before it left?  Will Zach Braff stop wearing those stupid fucking cardigans Lol (i want to wear a cardigan like that so badly)? Only time will tell. Only time will tell. . .

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