Hip-Hop/ R&B and its stance on Female Sexual Satisfaction

I drive around some days, running errands, things of the like. When I drive, I like to set the FM Radio to the scan mode so I can get a taste of what the kids are listening to these days. Often times, I find myself stopping on Hot 97.1 (New York’s blazing hip-hop and r&b) because I will hear a lyric or hot beat that strikes my fancy. This day, I heard two INCREDIBLE songs and when I say incredible, I mean these are kind of confusing to me.

Trey Songz really hits on some things on this track. He possesses an adroitness in sexual intercourse that will make his partner believe he is the inventor of it. He also invokes the name of Usher, which everybody loves, so good for him. Also, Drake shows up. I have the same problem with every Drake song and that problem is I see him not as Drake but as Jimmy from Degrassi:The Next Generation. Like his whole rap game seems really sudden and, because of that, all his raps are about his character relationships on the show. Like this whole song, he is rapping to Ashley Kerwin, before she emos out.


I feel bad for Juelz, because Chris Beezy is like poison these days. It’s difficult to listen interpret the lyrics “She don’t know that we’re going/ back to the crib/ (she know that I’m on her)” without any of Chris Brown’s previous domestic abuse problems coloring the audiences’ listening. Also, he needs to stop this “I’ma transform you” shit because he is the only one who doesn’t get that joke.

However, Juelz has some choice lines. “Just call me Mr. Orgasm/ And if you come with me I guarantee you’re gonna have one.”  Bold, sir. Confident. The ladies will eat this up if you get a violent boyfriend to sing the hook. “We can birthday text/ Yes, I said text/ But you know what I really mean (sex).”  Subtle, sir. Smooth.

I think that the two songs (especially some of the lines in Juelz’s song) have elevated the notion that sex can be a pleasurable experience for both partners. Despite this, there is still a boastfulness from the male perspective. Instead of just an exclamation of sexual appeal, there is also an exclamation of sexual capability. One for sure thing, though: getting Chris Brown for your hook will kill the mood of the evening.


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