Y tu, Gossip Girl? Man, it seems like every show this week is taking off for Thanksgiving. Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Sex & the City, M*A*S*H, all the faves!

Gossip Girl did have a show last night but it was a rerun and not the good kind of Rerun, like the one from What’s Happening? It was the one about the end of summer. PUH LEEZE Gossip Girl. We know none of those plots matter anymore. So, instead I watched a movie starring Jesse Eisenberg and Carter Baizen that was directed by Fred Durst. Just k’ing! I watched movie trailers.

Sadie Hawkins Dance! In my khaki pants! The girls ask the guys! It’s always a surprise!

It’s nice to see Kaitlin Olson from It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia taking on the new role of “Best Friend in a RomCom.” You need sass for it, and I think she has sufficient sass. Also, I know this is the magic of movies, but between the earrings gag (“Keep your ears warm”?) and the fact that he is Adam Scott (no offense to Adam Scott, it’s just he often plays assholes) I don’t think that things are going to work out for his character. But O Valencia! (instrumental) rocking, shennagans happening, superstition, happenstance, TRUELOVE! Also, I hope that the end of the movie is paced exactly like in this trailer. Adam Scott, just walking over, proposing, Ozymandias looking mopey.


Amanda Seyfried only takes two roles. The first role she takes is high school students in uncommon high school stories and the second role she takes is anything shooting in magnificent locales with ABBA songs. Probably. I like how this movie flips everything OUT OF CONTROL. She has the handsome, dashing, foreign boyfriend but she wants the other handsome, stuffy, foreign guy! Take that preconceived notions!  However, I feel like its a cop out to use the Rock Remix of “Love Story” because someone spent a lot of time playing the banjos on the regular “Love Story.”

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