Parks & Recreation: Finding the Beast Within

I don’t know if I would have believed people from the future if they came back to me in 2008 when Parks & Recreation was just developing as a show and told me that it was going to be one of the best comedy shows on the tee-vee. First of all, there are better things you can do with time-travel technology. Second of all, there was a lot of skepticism about the project in 2008 because of The Office and the Amy Poehler and the state of the nation. But things change, people change, lives change! We now live in a world where Parks & Recreation is an actual show and I am glad for that!

I have never been hunting but I know some hunting enthusiasts who really enjoy it. The closest I have been to hunting was a 5th grade fishing field trip. THAT was fun. But the Parks & Recreation people went hunting and they seemed to enjoy it, mostly. Except for the getting shot in the head parts.

Another big thing in 5th grade were internet soundboards. Actually, that was probably later than fifth grade. It was sandwiched between the internet and the widespread availability of Caller I.D. so you could use soundboards to call the houses of kids in your class while trying to make the “Who is your daddy and what does he do?” quote sound realistic by holding the phone up to the computer speakers. We were so foolish then! I bring up soundboards, because Leslie Knope was mining one-liner gem country last night. The Leslie/ Cop conversation towards the end of the episode was comedy gold! It was as if there was a one-liner rush out to San Francisco. Most of the Miner 49er’s travelled by rail, but Leslie Knope had a jet-plane and a powerful drill to mine all the precious one-liners. “I hope you’re ready to discuss some college bowl game scenarios.” It’s like they were hunting about my life!

I was hoping to see a bit more Jerry this week. Jerry’s my favorite. Doing murinals, being a drunk dinosaur, being adopted. They should name the show Parks & Recreation & Jerry next year. Jerry did some cool hat making and some fun running this week and some useful carrying. Good week Jerry!

Speaking of good weeks, Andy seemed to have a good week if you know what I mean and I think his hickeys are spreading the knowledge, WINK! I don’t know if the Andy/ April thing is going to last, but it was nice to see April have fun. Kids always need fun!  (Sidebar: I have been doing research, and the Andpril pairing seems not to be burning up the fan fiction communities yet. Yes, there is Parks & Recreation fan fiction. Most of it involves Ron/Leslie or Leslie/Mark.  I have not made it past the first paragraph of any of the stories.)

I am not sure where Pawnee, Indiana is supposed to be, but man, it is in the most gorgeous part of Indiana. So sunny and fun and the hunting woods kind of look like the woods where they look for killers a lot on shows like CSI and NCIS and Two and a Half Men.

Tom Haverford was also great this week, mostly for the anger scale of “1 to Chris Brown.” Chris Brown thought he was in the clear with Must See TV after Pam and Jim’s wedding.  Take that, Chris Brown! The parts with Ann and Tom near the end were a little sad in light of Tom’s marriage arrangement with Wendy. He needs to make Wendy a key to his heart! Or a key to Wendy’s heart?

In any entertainment involving hunting, there always seems to be a “The Most Dangerous Game” joke made. I cannot fault P&R for this. I can only commend them for the Predator references (Second Sidebar: Predator is one of the only movies Coleman Collins genuinely enjoys.)

Also, I don’t mean to be a 12 year old boy (I am a 12 year old boy!) but I cannot get past the opening parts of the show without noticing producer Norm Hiscock’s name. I am sure he is a nice person. I have done research and I found he has Emmys so good for him!

My only complaint? Ew Ron Swanson’s head at the end of the episode. Ew ew ew.

NEXT WEEK: I think the Parks department goes to a strip club. For recreation, eh, eh?

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