I Welcome our New Pop Overlords

As we learned from the 2009 VMA’s, five people in the music industry really care about music videos. Three of them are involved up there (Beyonce, Lady Gaga [ooo la la], Hype Williams), one of them is suffering the effects of most of the nation hating him for expressing his views on music videos (Kanye West), and the last is just really grateful because she sings country music and it has always been a dream for her to one day win a VMA and now she has one and she can’t tell you how much it means to her (Taylor Swift).

I am glad that three of those people got together. I am not sure what the video “means” but I can tell it has something to do with female objectification, nouveau film noir, advances in telecommunications, short people and what their names are, robot people, bust support science/hypotheses, hostage taking, hostage being, plastic toy guns, real ray guns, brassieres that match one’s skin color exactly, concealing weapons in garters, hubba hubba, Bettie Page, neon assault rifles fitted with silencers, rising sun onesies/sensible swimwear, archery (and by association Geena Davis), chairs, dancing in chairs, motorcycles, and the possibility we are living in a world where Beyonce is more dangerous than her boo (You crazy for this observation, J!).

We should just give Beyonce and Gaga the keys to the world, let them run things for a while at least. I am for that.

Also, top 3 Hype Williams videos. The other 2?


Top 2 videos involving Beyonce. The other?

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